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WATCH: Kids Speak Up for Orcas in Moving Response to 'Blackfish'

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It looks like the documentary “Blackfish” has people rethinking buying a ticket to see whales in captivity. While SeaWorld’s ticket sales drop and the company lists other reasons for the decline, you have to wonder how much of it is due to the film’s exposure of orca Tilikum’s brutal capture and backstory, and SeaWorld’s long list of horrific incidents involving animals and trainers. The recent release of videos showing injured and terrified animals at SeaWorld certainly aren’t helping the theme parks sell tickets to “Shamu” shows.

Now, kids are joining in the response to “Blackfish” and speaking out against keeping whales in captivity. According to seattlepi, a class in Manchester, England created a video response after their teacher showed them the film’s trailer. “In my quest to find a topic that I want to ignite the children’s passion to write and share work through the school blog, I watched a very moving and interesting film over the summer called Blackfish. The documentary exposes the dreadful life of Killer Whales in captivity. Although I don’t feel the film is appropriate for children to watch and have emphasised this point with them (some scenes of the whales attacking trainers etc.) The message that it portrays, however, is one I wanted to share with the class,” writes Mr. Parkinson.

In the moving video, the students discuss some of the ways that these whales suffer in captivity and ask the simple, but powerful question “Would you let it happen to me?” Among the questions that they answer with a resounding “no” are “Would it be okay for me to be taken from my family at the age of 4?,” “for me to spend the rest of my life in a room with nowhere to go?” and “if I was only fed for performing tricks in front of crowds everyday?”

You can follow the students’ blog on the project here, and watch the video below. The class writes, “If you agree with the message in our video, please help us raise awareness by sharing our video with as many people as possible. This will hopefully provide our blog with an audience to showcase the writing we will be producing over the next few weeks. We would also love it if you can comment on our video to let us know what you think.”

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  • corbett.wolkins@gmail.com

    I am sorry, this video is silly. These kids are being coached on what to say and they really dont understand what is happening. Everything they are saying could be said about factory farms and slaughterhouses. I am sure they just ate some kind of murdered animal before this video. The people making the video most likely consume animals. They are using children to try to get the guilt factor and tears rolling. Yes Blackfish is amazing and all of the animals in captivity in the world need to be free and in the wild. But, this is very hypocritical. The Animal Holocaust is in full swing on this planet. Humans are natures Greatest Mistake.

  • Raul Ramirez

    A part of me wants to see this movie out of curiosity, the other part of me figures the people who made this film are just like most the other environmentalist/animal rights activists. Most of them are completely stretching the truth or telling bold face lies as long as it furthers their vision.

    Global warming is a perfect example, Al Gore tells us we have to stop acting like spoiled Americans driving around in our big SUV’s at the expense of poor mother nature. But that doesn’t stop Mr. Gore from hopping on his own personal private 737 jet to fly to a global warming summit burning more fuel in a day then the average american does in a 5 year period! Global warming is a sham just like our President people!!

    Sorry a little off on a tangent here these two groups are two pees in a pod! Do you think any of the people who train these whales to perform at these amusemnt parks gets into their line of work because they love mistreating animals …….. no! Considering Sea World has been in business for 50 years and have had plenty of employees come and go, do a majority after leaving come out and talk about the mistreatment of animals …….. no! Please people think this stuff out. Can carbon dioxide, you know that stuff that is imperative to support all plant life can also be the stuff that ruins our enviorment?!?!?!?!?!? NO!

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