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At his heaviest, Marlon Gibson weighed 405 pounds. Having been overweight his entire life, what finally nudged him to make changes was his wife’s tearful reaction to the TV show, “The Biggest Loser.”

“She told me she loved me, but she worried that I wasn’t going to be around long because of my weight,” Gibson said. “I had to do something.”

Soon after that moment, Gibson cut himself while trying to zip up a pair of pants. That was the final straw. He was ready to lose weight, but he wanted to do it in a lasting way. Gibson did not have surgery, nor take on a fad diet plan. He started to exercise, and he went vegan, gradually.

“I loved fried chicken, so I decided I would eat six pieces instead of eight,” Gibson said. “Then I’d reduce it further to four pieces, and then eventually dropped fried chicken all together. I ate meat more like it was a protein condiment. Now I don’t eat any meat at all. I’m a dedicated vegan.”

Gibson starts his days with a protein shake in the morning before heading off to the gym. Post-workout breakfast is typically oatmeal and apple slices. Lunch is meatless chili and salad with extra veggies on the side, such as Brussels sprouts, corn on the cob, or broccoli. Dinner is a bit different, consisting of popcorn and occasionally a dessert smoothie.

Gibson says he exercises daily and gets extra help and motivation from a virtual coach. He’ll often do two 70-minute spin classes back-to-back. He runs 3 miles every evening and does crunches and push-ups before bed. The big change in eating habits and fitness has helped him slim down to 160 pounds. Since January 2011, he has lost 245 pounds. He’s also living without blood pressure medication, enjoying all the extra energy, and shopping at the mall for “more than socks.”

“This weight loss has transformed my life,” Gibson said. “It’s totally possible. You just have to hold yourself accountable.”

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  • Jennifer Davis

    way to go!!! thats amazing, im so happy for you, Marlon, and for all the animals youve saved. :)