Robin Quivers recently chatted with her pal, Howard Stern, on SiriusXM radio about her terrifying experience with cancer.

Listeners of “The Howard Stern Show” were wondering when Robin Quivers, Stern’s co-host, would be returning to the studio, as she had been working remotely from home. Quivers decided to share her story. Quivers was attending a wedding when she realized she was unable to urinate. A trip to the emergency room led to the discovery of a large mass in her pelvis, which then led to a long surgery.

“The tumor was about the size of a grapefruit,” she said on air. “There were two reasons that the operation was so long. It took eight hours to remove the tumor because it was so huge, it was lying on all the organs in my pelvis, and they literally had to scrape it off when they got to it. But also, they couldn’t even figure out how to operate ’cause it was so massive.”

Stern was extremely worried that his longtime friend wouldn’t make it. “I was already making funeral arrangements,” he said. “Not to make light of this situation, but I was freaking out.”

Quiver’s condition had doctors scratching their heads for quite some time, offering ways to “prolong her life,” instead of cures. Then she met Dr. Carol Aghajanian at Sloan-Kettering hospital. Quivers underwent chemotherapy and also received an ileostomy, a surgical procedure that allows intestinal waste to pass outside of the body and into a pouch. Earlier this year, Quivers got the good word that she is now cancer-free.

“(The doctor) just looks at everything and she goes, ‘You’re cured. You’re done. You can just leave here. You know, the protocol is to scan you every three months and do all this stuff, but we don’t really have to, because you’re cured,'” Quivers said.

Quivers’ book, “The Vegucation of Robin,” will be released October 1st. The part cookbook, part memoir will talk about her experience and success with her vegan diet and lifestyle, which increased her energy and helped her lose weight before her battle with cancer.

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