Miranda Lambert hosts dog adoption drive in Oklahoma hometown
by Lindsey Little
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Miranda Lambert hosted a dog adoption drive in her hometown of Tishomingo, Oklahoma on Sunday.

The country music star is a long-time supporter of animal charities. She founded the MuttNation foundation in 2009 to end pet suffering and homelessness around the world. Earlier this year, Lambert also partnered with the Pedigree Feeding Project to supply animal shelters with free dog food.

Lambert encouraged residents to visit the Tishomingo Animal Shelter for the adoption drive, where she introduced them to the center’s rescue animals. She handed out free refreshments and posted photos of all the dogs who found loving families.

At the end of the event, Lambert proudly announced on Twitter, “Final count… over 40 shelter dogs from Tishomingo found a forever home today! That’s somethin’ to smile about!”

Husband and fellow country music singer, Blake Shelton, also tweeted, “I hear the dog rescue drive is going great at Tishomingo animal shelter!!! High five mirandalambert!!! I love you…”

Photo Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

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  • abneb

    Though I do not listen to country music, singer Miranda Leigh Lambert in addition to the good work she does to protect dogs with Pedigree dog food also hunts & fishes for food. Miranda Leigh Lambert proves that it is consistent to support animal welfare & @ the same time have no problem with food hunting as long as the animal is humanely and swiftly killed.

    I have a friend who has hunted deer, ducks & muskrat and she told me that she did this for food. She has same views as country singer Miranda Leigh Lambert has on dogs and she has done humane work with dogs. Another eg. would be radio host Rush Limbaugh (Rush Hudson Limbaugh) who did announcements for U.S. Humane Society in 2009. Though I don’t know if Rush hunts, he supports people’s right to hunt for food. Rush in 2009 did announcements for U.S. Humane Society where he speaks against dog fighting, animal abuse & he talked of his cat & how he loved his cat and so on. Should Pedigree Dog Food & U.S. Humane Society take announcements from people on animal topics like country singer Miranda (Miranda Leigh Lambert) and Rush because 1 has hunted?