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What would be one step beyond Beyond Meat? Beyond Eggs!

Following years of plant-based meats hitting the market, Hampton Creek Foods has released new Beyond Eggs, completely plant-based vegan eggs that act like the real thing (minus the hatching).

Backed by Bill Gates and Paypal billionaire, Peter Thiel, the vegan eggs are now appearing on Whole Foods shelves in California. The team has perfected eggs for cakes and mayonnaise, and they’re working on scrambled eggs. The reason for the creation of Beyond Eggs is concern for the well-being of the planet, animals, and humans’ health.

“We want to take animals out of the equation,” said Josh Tetrick, the firm’s founder. “The food industry is begging for innovation, especially where animals are involved – it is a broken industry.” Beyond Eggs are also cholesterol-free, making them truly heart healthy.

There’s also a global vision for Beyond Eggs. The firm hopes to make it so the creation of the plant eggs can benefit developing countries.

“In developing countries, we can also add in things missing from the local diet, helping nutrient deficiencies, and we have had initial discussion with the world food program about this. What we want to do eventually is find a way to work with farmers in the developing world to enable them to have new cash crops that can be used,” explained Tetrick.

There’s still a lot of growing in store for this brilliant idea, but so far, their taste tests have passed with flying colors. “We can make really good mayonnaise, we’ve done taste tests against market leaders, and beaten them consistently. In the world of cookies, we’ve trialed our products with everyone from Bill Gates to Tony Blair, both of whom couldn’t taste the difference,” says Tetrick.

It will be exciting to see these Beyond Eggs put to the test!

Photo credit: Hampton Creek Foods

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  • Chaya

    Just found out about this and its hard to say I’m excited–Genetically engineering plants for consumption does not sound like a natural and organic way to live to me :(

    • ant

      anything to cut down cholesterol count.

  • GoddessDivine

    Bill Gates and Tony Blair are hardly world class gastronomes! But hey… Name recognition sure helps marketing!! :)

    This is exciting news, though. I can’t wait to try the product.

  • anon

    GMO – Yuck. Designing food? This truly is pathetic. Raise chickens – enough said. Survival of the fittest folks – at its best.

  • 7up

    Where did anyone read that this product is genetically engineered? I have not seen that anywhere. As far as I know, it is just plant based.

  • Jessica Gadd

    It isn’t GMO…