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WATCH: Chipotle's Beautiful New Ad Takes on Factory Farming

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Remember when everyone freaked out after Chipotle’s “Back to the Start” ad featuring Coldplay that ripped apart industrialized farming? Now, they are at it again with a new short film, made as a companion to their new mobile app game, that is arguably even stronger.

Featuring Fiona Apple singing that eerie song from Willy Wonka, Pure Imagination, the short animated film shows a scarecrow who works at a factory farm, and his sadness over how industrialized our food system has become. Of course, he shows us there is another way, a better way to treat our bodies, the planet and the animals.

Chipotle writes on their new site, “‘The Scarecrow’ is at once an addicting game, a poignant short film, and a project that reflects what we believe in. The city of Plenty is a glimpse at a future that may not be far off. Processed food, animal confinement, and the use of synthetic growth hormones, non-therapeutic antibiotics, and toxic pesticides are rampant in our food supply. Educating people about alternatives is a journey for the Scarecrow, and it continues to be a journey for us.”

Check out the video below. This thing is going viral fast.

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  • Connie Spence

    They also just launched their Vegetarian Pinto Beans. I went yesterday and asked for a veggie burritto, and they asked which bean, I said, Uh well I can’t do the pinto because you put bacon in it…they showed me a sign that claimed they changed that and both beans are now ok! 🙂 BIG WIN!

  • Amber

    Well Chipotle is still using GMO ingredients, so as of now, they are still a part of the factory farming machine.

    • edpals

      They are trying to source differently. Let’s give them a break! They have done MORE to help create a big market for NON-factory farmed meat, while no other food chain has changed their sourcing. Yes, sometimes they have to source conventionally raised meat because there isn’t enough ranched meats to go around. But they TELL you, they put a sign up if this is something you don’t want to eat, and they ADMITTED to the GMO soy oil in the rice, saying they would change their sources. I intend to patronize them anyway, even though I try like crazy to avoid GMOs and I don’t eat meat. I do this because Chipotle, all by itself, has done a LOT of good. If there ARE no markets for more humanely raised meats and organic products, the best methods of agriculture will not GROW! If MORE large chains like Chipotle said NO to the bad kinds of agriculture, we wouldn’t HAVE it! I’d love it NOT to be about money, but today, it still is. If they fail – the only large company using organic dairy, locally and organically sourced veggies when possible, and ranched meats – what will that mean for all those ranchers and farmers who SUPPLY them the food that is better raised? They go under, and MORE industrial agriculture takes its place?

  • LV

    Um, they’re owned by McDonald’s. That says it all.

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