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Seafood Plant in Hot Water Over Lobster, Crab Cruelty

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have released undercover footage of shocking mistreatment of lobsters and crabs at Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster seafood plant in Rockland, Maine.

The stomach-churning footage shows the mutilation of live lobsters and crabs having their tails and claws torn off, an employee jumping up and down inside a bin of crabs, and workers slamming live crabs face first into spikes. Recorded commentary from the employees reveal that the workers fully realize that the sea creatures are alive, some even noting that they’ll be alive “for hours” after the abuse. PETA say that these cruel methods are illegal and in violation of Maine’s cruelty-to-animals statute.

PETA say that Ms. Bean’s facility should be using a Crustastun, a device that destroys a crustacean’s nerve center and kills them within seconds. Maine law criminalizes intentionally killing animals by any method that does not cause instantaneous death.

“There’s no excuse for the blatant and, we would argue illegal, cruelty going on at this slaughterhouse when there are alternate slaughter methods that rapidly stun and kill these animals,” said Dan Paden, an evidence analysis manager at PETA. “These animals are dying agonizing deaths at this facility.”

Dr. Bjorn Roth, a scientist at the Norwegian Institute of Food, Fishery and Aquaculture, viewed the footage and said, “This is carving the animal alive and would no doubt cause unnecessary pain.” Robert Elwood, a researcher at Queen’s University Belfast, studied the avoidance behavior of shore crabs and discovered that crabs most certainly feel, and will avoid, pain. When he viewed the undercover footage at Ms. Bean’s plant, he agreed that the crab behavior in the footage was “consistent with that of an animal feeling pain.”

Ms. Bean has denied requests to meet with PETA, and did not respond to CBSNews.com’s requests for comment. PETA are planning to file a criminal complaint with the local police and the district attorney.

If you can stomach the gruesome footage, the undercover video can be viewed here on CBSNews.com.

Photo credit: Shutterstock.com

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  • Patricia Carol

    Good for PETA for speaking out for these animals. While I prefer
    animal-friendly vegan meals, if you are going to eat sea animals, the least you
    can do is ensure that they have a painless death.

  • Lucy_P

    This abuse is sickening—especially considering the fact that lobsters have masses of nervous tissue spread throughout their bodies and can feel pain and suffer even long after they have been dismembered. I hope this slaughterhouse will switch to less cruel killing methods, and I hope many compassionate people are moved to leave lobsters—and all animals—off their plates.

  • EthanCooper

    That footage is disturbing. Shame on Ms. Bean for not even being willing to meet with PETA to learn about how her own employees are treating the animals that make her her millions.

  • Lobsters, like all animals, struggle to survive and fight to escape from
    sources of pain. There is no reason to torture these interesting and
    unusual animals. Anyone who has ever boiled a lobster alive can attest
    to the fact that the lobsters whip their bodies wildly and scrape the
    sides of the pot for several minutes in a desperate attempt to escape.
    If you wouldn’t drop a cat into a pot of boiling water and listen to her
    scream, there’s no justification for doing it to a lobster.

  • Heather Moore

    Even before I went vegan, I thought it was cruel to eat lobsters, crabs, and other sea animals. You’re eating the animal’s whole body, breaking it apart and digging
    out the flesh. Lobsters and other crustaceans can feel pain and suffer, just like cats, dogs, cows, and chickens. Why be cruel when we have the option to be kind? Nowadays we can even eat faux seafood. There’s just no reason for any cruelty—and the kind found at Linda Bean is especially egregious. I applaud the investigator for enduring such horror to open people’s eyes and help stop future abuse.

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