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The first fur ban in the United States is going into effect in West Hollywood, California. Under the ban, if retailers do not clear fur from their shelves, they can face fines up to $800.

The Fur Information Council of America, which happens to have headquarters in West Hollywood, are unsurprisingly upset about the ban and are threatening to sue. Some retailers are welcoming the changes, though. David Malvaney, cofounder of the upscale Church Boutique, told Women’s Wear Daily“We are on board with the ban as we understand the concerns and have realized that there are many other fabrics and fibers that can easily take the place of real fur. We feel that the desire for real fur will lessen over time as more people become aware of the process to which the animals are subject, and I believe more cities will adopt a similar ordinance.”

Fur farms are very similar to factory farms in that multiple animals are crammed together into small, filthy cages. These animals live a miserable life, one that ends with a gruesome slaughter, all for someone’s unnecessary desire to wear another animal’s fur coat. There are plenty of non-animal materials that make stylish, comfortable, and warm clothing without harming animals. Cruelty is never fashionable. Kudos to West Hollywood for this compassionate change.

If you want to see similar changes happen in your city, start the movement by joining or organizing a Fur Free Friday demonstration, which happens nationwide on the day after Thanksgiving.

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