The Ghosts In Our Machine coming to the US after fundraising campaign
by Jennifer Mishler
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Photo: Liz Marshall / The Ghosts In Our Machine

Since the film’s release in Canada, The Ghosts In Our Machine (TGIOM) has been racking up rave reviews and drawing attention to a simple but powerful question: “Are animals property, to be owned and used, or are they sentient beings, deserving of rights?”

The film, directed by award-winning filmmaker Liz Marshall and featuring talented photographer and activist Jo-Anne McArthur of We Animals, has gained the support of a list of celebrities like Bob Barker, James Cromwell, Leilani Munter and Jason Priestley, as well as big animal rights and activist names including Nathan Runkle, Captain Paul Watson, Ingrid NewkirkShannon Keith.

These celeb supporters who the TGIOM team call “Animal Ambassadors” aren’t the only ones who believe in the documentary’s power to create change. We covered the launch of TGIOM’s fundraising campaign on Indiegogo back in July. In the two months since, they have raised over $32,000, surpassing their $30,000 goal for the film’s release in the United States! Fantastic news! There are still four days left to donate, and Marshall says on the fundraising page, “We can get the job done for $30,000, but please know that every additional dollar raised will increase our chances for success (additional funds will be spent on marketing and publicity).”

With the success of the fundraising campaign, TGIOM is set to shed light on the lives of the Ghosts (the film’s name for the animals usually hidden from public view and used in the “machines” of our modern world for food, clothing, entertainment and experimentation) on big screens in the United States. It will all start with an Oscar-qualifying release in New York City and Los Angeles in November, followed by San Francisco, Boston and other cities around the country. TGIOM has posted the current release dates, and more will be announced soon. You can even get involved and help organize a screening near you for 2014.

Watch and share the beautiful trailer for The Ghosts In Our Machine.

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