Celebrities team up with the farm sanctuary to save factory farm animals

A slew of celebrities – including Mayim Bialik, Russell Simmons, Leona Lewis, Emily Deschanel, Kevin Nealon, Shannon Elizabeth, Fred Willard, Joan Jet and more – are showing their support for a new animal rights campaign by answering one very important question; When you learned about farm animal cruelty, “What Did You Do?”

The “What Did You Do” campaign will be launched on September 23rd by the Farm Sanctuary, America’s largest farm animal rescue and protection organization. Farm Sanctuary hopes to raise awareness of the terrible conditions which animals endure in factory farms.

Gene Baur, president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, said “[i]t’s now up to us to decide what our response will be to an industry that inflicts unthinkable pain and suffering on 9 billion animals a year. When future generations look back on this moment in time, they will wonder, ‘What Did You Do?’ when you learned about this animal cruelty.”

In addition to the harm which comes to animals in factory farms, the industry is also responsible for vast environmental abuses and is a threat to the health of the U.S. people. The Farm Sanctuary hopes that this campaign will expose the atrocities of factory farms and empower individuals to take simple steps to help. Whether it be writing a letter to Congress, sharing stories through social media or donating money to feed rescued animals, the Farm Sanctuary’s website offers ways to everyone to get involved.

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