DC VegFest to host big vegan food drive
by Jennifer Mishler
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If you’re in the Washington area this Saturday, the D.C. VegFest is not to be missed! The event being held at Yards Park from 11am to 6pm will feature great speakers, a long list of amazing organizations working for a better world for animals and have booths where you can stop by and show your support.

Like at any VegFest, there will be some delicious vegan food to enjoy. I plan to eat as much Woodlands Vegan Bistro, Vegan Treats and Sticky Fingers as I can! But while we scarf down more food than anyone should possibly eat over the course of one Saturday, let’s remember that not everyone is as fortunate.

While major cuts to the SNAP or food stamps program are coming, and the House of Representatives voted for legislation that would lead to a $39 billion cut, hunger (referred to as “food insecurity”) remains a big problem across the country as well as the D.C. area. The Capital Area Food Bank reports that D.C. has the second highest rate of food insecurity among children, and 15.7% of residents are food insecure. One in eight D.C. households are facing hunger.

On Saturday, there will be a way you can help at VegFest! The event’s host, nonprofit Compassion Over Killing (COK), has joined forces with the Capital Area Food Bank to host a huge vegan food drive. If you’re going to VegFest, you can help by bringing unopened non-perishable vegan (no animal products) food items to donate. VegFest recommends “canned fruits, canned vegetables, multi-grain cereal, canned soups, grains, condiments, baking goods, and 100 percent juice cartons.” All donations can be brought to the Capital Area Food Bank tent.

Here is some more information on the food drive. We hope you enjoy VegFest and bring some cruelty-free food along to give to others! As COK’s special project manager Elena Johnson told Huffington Post Green, “If each attendee just brought one item, we would be able to donate over 8,000 cans, jars and boxes of delicious vegan food to the food bank in one day.” Let’s try to beat that amazing number!

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