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Brave Piglet Escapes Slaughter-bound Truck, Gets Adopted

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A piglet in Quebec, Canada, saved his own life recently when he managed to escape a truck bound for slaughter.

Motorists driving behind the slaughter truck saw the little piglet squeeze through a hole in the trailer and take a tumble to the road to freedom. A police officer found the piglet wandering alongside the road and called animal services. Through a network of kind animal lovers on the Internet, the brave little piglet made it to Wishing Well Sanctuary, north of Toronto. Brenda Bronfman, the woman who opened the sanctuary two years ago, named him Yoda.

“He just loves to crawl into people’s laps and be held. He’s a little angel,” said Bronfman of her new resident. She said Yoda has a few bumps and scrapes from his daring escape, but is otherwise doing well and enjoying life at the sanctuary. Rescued animals are permanent residents at Wishing Well, meaning they won’t be adopted out, so Yoda has a nice, happy life ahead of him.

“He’s just going to live the rest of his, god willing, long life. And will be happy with the other pigs and all the attention. There is always somebody on the farm, and he will just be loved for the rest of his natural life,” says Bronfman.

If only every piglet could live so peacefully.

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  • Chris Orbach

    Darling little angel. If only someday we could all evolve past killing these smart, loving animals for the momentary pleasure of their taste. 🙁

  • Oh I wish they would all jump out … Beautiful animals. Amazing sanctuary. Lovely story. Thank you thank you thank you.

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