Anjelica Huston hosts farm-to-table dinner party in eco-friendly pop-up pod
by Lindsey Little
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Actress Anjelica Huston was asked to decorate a pop-up pod in her Venice neighborhood by Airbnb, as part of its Hello L.A. campaign promoting the company’s global property listing and booking service.

Huston’s is one of five installations in Los Angeles. Other celebrities who have designed pods for Airbnb include James Franco, Lake Bell, Molly Sims and Moby.

The pod reflects Huston’s design esthetic and commitment to sustainability. The actress worked closely with interior designer Orlando Soria, choosing mostly vintage furniture and eco-friendly materials for a classic and feminine look.

“Usually you have to buy a whole house to decorate it. This is a microcosm,” said Huston, who enjoyed collaborating with Soria on the pod. “I like things that have a bit of history,” she said, pointing to an antique Balinese daybed with “seriously comfortable and luxurious” bedding, and a Venetian chandelier that is “a nod to Venice, Italy.” Sustainable elements in the pod included a solar panel ceiling and recycled wood structure.

To unveil the finished pod, an alfresco dinner with farm fresh vegetables was held in her honor at a re-purposed parking lot behind the pod. The restaurants Joe’s and Willie Jane teamed up to prepare a meal using just-picked vegetables from the garden they share, including heirloom tomatoes and roasted pattypan squash.

Huston was named PETA’s Person of the Year in 2012 for her work on behalf of captivated Great Apes who are used in experimental research.  She was happy to report that “efforts to get them out of labs in New Mexico are going ahead.” Philanthropist John Stryker, who runs the Save the Chimps sanctuary in Ft. Pierce, Florida, has bought land in the Virgin Islands with plans to build another sanctuary. “We’ll be getting more apes out of prison,” the actress said.

Next up for Huston is a book due out in November, entitled “A Story Lately Told.” The memoir covers her childhood in London and New York. She is already at work on a sequel that will talk more about her life in California, including her farm up north in Three Rivers and her Venice beach house. At her farm, the actress has planted “everything that will grow: corn, cabbage, tomatoes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts.”

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Source: Mother Nature Network

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