Russell Simmons Donates 10K to Stop Gun Violence in NY
by Megan Thompson
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On Wednesday night, American business tycoon Russell Simmons reached out to his almost three million Twitter followers, asking them to support a cause very near and dear to his heart: ending gun violence in his home state of New York.

The Def Jam and Phat Farm founder tweeted “I donated $10k to keep NYC anti-violence program open but they need more! Can we raise $500 in the next 30 mins? PLS GIVE

The Life Camp anti-violence program is a Queens-based non-profit which seeks to end gun violence through teen and young adult education and employment. The organization trains young community members to help stop violence before it happens, with respondents literally working on the front lines to interrupt acts of violence or potentially dangerous situations.

Once the program was fully functional, Queens saw 340 days of no shootings with 115  violent incidents mediated. In spite of the organization’s success, government funding was withheld and Life Camp has turned to private donors to raise the money it needs to stay open.

By the end of the night, Simmons’ Twitter followers had pledged $755 for the Life Camp campaign. You can contribute to the cause by clicking here.

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