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Since 2008, champion fighter Timothy Bradley has been enjoying a vegan diet. He recently chatted with Boxing News about all the many benefits he experiences as a plant-based fighter.

High energy seems to be the top perk for Bradley. “I told a reporter recently that I feel superior over any athlete who gets into the ring with me. The energy is always there. I feel so alive. My senses and reflexes are so acute. It’s an incredible feeling,” he said in the interview. Bradley said that sometimes his energy level is so high that he has trouble sleeping, but it’s a small occasional price to pay for feeling in top shape all the time. “[A vegan diet] would benefit any athlete in any sport.”

Bradley uses a prepared meal service during the week from Palm Greens Cafe in Palm Springs, California. They must appreciate his business because they named a smoothie after him! If you order “The Bradley Ultra Greens,” you’ll be sipping on a blend of kale, spinach, apple, ginger, mint, and banana.

Bradley says that ditching meat and dairy products means using energy toward training, not on digesting heavy, animal-based foods. The fighter loves that eating this way leaves him feeling light, “never bulky or heavy.”

You can see Timothy Bradley in action up against Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday, October 12th, on HBO Pay-Per-View. Bradley is feeling pretty pumped for the fight, saying, “When my fight with Marquez is over, the needle on my energy gauge will still read Full because of my diet and training regimens.”

Photo credit: Timothy Bradley Facebook page

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  • Ryan Hahn

    I can testify to the benefits of vegan diet. Am 50 years old, but look and feel like I’m 30 years.