Man only fined $25 for leaving abused dog tied to tree for four years
by Jennifer Mishler
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Photo: PAWS Adoption Center Facebook

A man in Middletown, Ohio has been charged with animal cruelty for abusing his dog. The German Shepherd was found chained to a tree where he has spent four years of his life with little food and water, let alone affection.

According to WCPO Cincinnati, the man identified as Jeremy Shane Temple had starved and physically abused the dog who was found suffering from infection and fleas. Rescuers, who changed Toby’s name to Joseph, said he is now recovering with veterinary care but that this was a horrific case of cruelty. Meg Malampy of the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) said of the flea-ridden Joseph, “When I gave him a bath, the blood just ran off of him.”

Michael Gigis of the West Chester Veterinary Center added, “There’s no excuse for this. None. I mean, you can see, this is the worst case of abuse I’ve seen here.” He reports that Joseph is “feeling a little better now, a little more perky.”

Neighbor Ron Allman had asked about the dog, and was told by Temple that “it was a disease” that caused Joseph’s condition. Allman said a member of Temple’s family also asked them for help after Temple’s arrest. “She wanted us to write a sort of note…that we never saw anyone mistreat the dog…so we did,” he said.

Why did Temple show such cruelty? When the police asked him why Joseph was found in this condition, he answered only with, “the dog is not a human.” That’s the same reason given in an attempt to justify all kinds of horrific cruelty to animals, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s also the reason that Temple is now facing only a $25.00 fine for nearly allowing a dog to die at the end of a chain.

PAWS is accepting donations to help with Joseph’s care, and vets report that Joseph is expected to recover. Meanwhile, Temple is due in court on October 14th.

The picture below, posted to the West Chester Veterinary Center Facebook page, shows Joseph with some of the vet staff. It’s good to see him in kind hands and starting to look a little better.


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  • Dingosbaby

    And a $25 fine? Typical Ohio — worst animal welfare laws in the country.

  • Dingosbaby

    There is so much wrong with the story. How – as a family member or neighbor – do you let this go on? Everyone involved is guilty of animal abuse – I’d love to tie you all to a tree for 4 years. I’m glad the dog is in good hands and finding out what love and compassion are. I only wish those involved with leaving the dog in this situation a long, painful, horrifying, lonely death. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Michelle Carr

    $25!? That’s NOTHING for the hell that this dog has been through. I’m glad the dog is in caring hands and is expected to recover, though.

  • Ralph Bennett

    AMEN Dingosbaby i could not have expressed it better myself! Happy he is in good loving hands now…