Free Bird movie makes stars rethink Thanksgiving turkey and go vegetarian

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the premier of “Free Birds” is sure to put a damper on this year’s holiday turkey sales. After learning more about turkeys and being involved with the film, voice talents Amy Poehler, Owen Wilson, and George Takei are re-thinking their holiday menus and they are willing to bet viewers will do the same. We’d guess that vegan actor Woody Harrelson, another star of the film, signed up for the role for just that reason.

In “Free Birds,” the feathered characters of Wilson and Harrelson travel back in time to take turkey off the first Thanksgiving menu and protect their species for generations to come. As actors and actresses gained a better understanding of turkeys while working on the movie, they came to view the holiday tradition of eating the birds in a different light. “Reno 911!”‘s Carlos Alazraqui even visited a rescue farm called The Gentle Barn and was given the chance to meet and interact with rescued turkeys.

After this film, several of the stars are considering a change to their holiday menus. Takei said, with a laugh, “[w]e haven’t really discussed it yet, but we may be having pizza for Thanksgiving.” Alazraqui repeated the sentiment when he said “Maybe I can do a little tofurkey this year.”

Although some critics claim that the movie was created with an intentional vegetarian message, director Jimmy Hayward says this was not the case. “My agenda was to make a heartfelt comedy,” he said, “and the only message in it is all the holidays are about pressing pause in your life and getting together with the people that you love and appreciating them.”

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