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“Food Inc.,” the food production documentary that changed the way a lot of people consider the things they eat, is celebrating its 5th anniversary with the launch of the first annual Food Inc. Awards. The mission of the awards is to “highlight and celebrate the people whose personal and public lives are guided by the desire for real, good food.” One of the judges of the awards is “The Big Bang Theory” actress, Mayim Bialik, who tweeted:

“I’m judging the 1st annual #FoodIncAwards on @TakePart! Do you live
life inspired by Food, Inc.?”

If Food Inc. inspired you to make changes in your life, consider entering for one of the following awards:

The Food Inc. Lifestyle Award: This award recognizes an individual who embodies the eating revolution sparked by Food, Inc. The selected winner will have completely changed the way they approach food on a daily basis by going the extra mile when it comes to sustainable and ethical eating practices.

The Food Inc. Pioneer Award: This award recognizes a local leader who created a community movement inspired by the film that encouraged food habits towards more sustainable, responsible and organic choices.

The Food Inc. Non-profit Award: This award recognizes an organization that has made great strides in the sustainable and ethical eating movement through funding projects, implementing on-the-ground work and/or inspiring great numbers of individuals to participate. This award will be hand-selected by our team of experts, so no submissions are necessary.

Winners can get pumped about a trip to L.A., a produced TV spot on pivot, a feature on TakePart, and the actual award, which is sure to spiff up your mantle. But hurry – submissions close on October 21st!

And remember, Mayim is a vegan so there may be bonus points if you are too…

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