The Talk's Aisha Tyler drives a 2013 Tesla Model S
by Lindsey Little
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Aisha Tyler, comedian, actress and philanthropist, recently dished to The Globe and Mail what green means to her and why she loves her new Tesla so much.

“I’ve been green for a long time,” “The Talk” co-host said. “When I was growing up, we didn’t call it recycling or reusing. We called it being poor. We always had a family that drank out of old jelly jars and we used to fold up all of our wrapping paper at Christmas and reuse it for birthdays.”

Tyler’s practical experience with minimizing waste in her childhood sparked a lifelong interest in the environment.

“For my undergraduate degree, my minor was in environmental studies,” she said. “I have always been an environmentalist. I wanted to have a green car. I’ve driven hybrids for about five years and then I was dreaming of getting a Fisker or a Tesla.”

“Then this year,” she continued, “Sharon Osbourne actually showed up at work driving a Fisker. I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ I drove that for a few days. It’s a beautiful car, but as you know, Fisker was undergoing an emotional reboot. I remember I had a problem with the car and called Fisker and no one picked up the phone. Right after that, Mr. Fisker quit his own company. So I decided I’d drive both cars. I drove the Tesla and I fell in love with it. I went home and ordered it online that same day.”

When asked what is her favorite feature on the car, Tyler responded by saying:

“This is the best car I’ve ever driven – it’s insane! It has infinity gas mileage. I get 350-400 miles on a charge. It does 0 to 60 [miles per hour] in 5.2 seconds. People are continually challenging me to races on the highway and I smoke them – well, I don’t smoke them. I just vapor them when I drive by and they’re sucked in by the vacuum created by the speed of my awesome rocket! Every time I get into the car I’m like that crazy professor from ‘Back to the Future’. I talk to it. I pat it. It’s the best car ever! It’s so much fun to drive. It’s like driving a giant, sexy bumper car.”

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