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“Duck Dynasty” drew in over 7 million viewers for their latest episode. Their Facebook page has nearly 6.5 million fans. Even if you haven’t seen the show, you’ve probably heard of it, or at least seen some silly DD merchandise in the store. Who knew a show about a Southern family living in the bayou making duck calls and hunting could be so popular? A popular show isn’t necessarily a well-liked show, though, and PETA have recently voiced their opinions on the A&E series to Radar Online.

PETA Vice President Dan Mathews said that while many people find the show entertaining, it doesn’t reflect our culture, nor improve it.

“Viewers may like to laugh at the Duck Dynasty‘s cast members, but few would ever want to be like them,” said Matthews. “Hunting licenses have plummeted by a third over the past two decades and most people have a reverence for animals, [and] prefer to hike, kayak, snowboard, and generally enjoy the outdoors without killing other beings.”

Matthews also added, “Unfortunately, hunting programs teach kids that violence is somehow acceptable, and according to law-enforcement agencies, violent and aggressive criminals often start out as kids who were encouraged to disrespect and harm animals rather than understanding and being in awe of them.”

“Duck Dynasty” does often show the killing of animals, such as ducks (of course) and, in previous episodes, the skinning and dismembering of frogs. Before landing a reality TV show, the “Duck Dynasty” family had a YouTube series called “Duck Men,” where far more graphic actions were filmed, including a member of the family killing a duck by biting down on its head. Actions like that certainly put the NASTY in Dynasty.

Do you agree with Matthews that Duck Dynasty doesn’t reflect our society? Do you think shows such as this encourage mistreatment and disrespect of animals, especially in young people?

Photo credit: Duck Dynasty on Facebook

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  • Dingosbaby

    I tried watching 10 minutes of this show — didn’t make it. Don’t understand at all why this show is interesting or entertaining but this country is fascinated with trash.

    • joames

      You need to watch a few episodes.

      Also – you’re bigotry is showing.

      Something about no swearing, families having fun together, lack of divorce, hate or violence that bothers you?

      Those men are educated (Phil went to grad school), successful and decent people.

      • Dingosbaby

        I’m not a bigot – just don’t find the DD people fascinating.

  • joames

    Hunters are one step ahead of 99% of the population of meat eaters who eat ‘factory raised’ and drug infested quasi animals.

  • alyssa00334

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