by Amanda Just
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This Thursday, October 24th, make plans to stay home or set your DVR to record. The celebrated and hard-hitting documentary “Blackfish” will be shown on CNN.

“Blackfish traces a 39-year history of killer whales in captivity leading up to the 2010 killing of Sea World trainer Dawn Brancheau by the 12,000-pound orca, Tilikum, a whale previously associated with the death of two other people. Blackfish chillingly shows that this incident of violence is hardly an isolated one, along the way exploring the extraordinary nature of orcas, thought to be one of the most intelligent species in the animal kingdom,” states the “about” section of CNN’s Blackfish page.

You’ve been hearing about this film all year. If you haven’t made it to a screening yet, here’s the perfect opportunity to see what everyone has been talking about. This film has opened eyes and hearts and truly helped people make connections between themselves and these brilliant animals suffering in confinement.  Encourage your friends to tune in on Thursday, as well. Invite them to CNN’s Facebook event page, where hundreds of people have already RSVPed yes. Participate in the conversation on Thursday with the hashtag #blackfish.

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