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It wouldn’t be an environmental award show of any sort without Ed Begley Jr! Ken Spector on behalf of Ecorazzi and HappyCow caught up with the actor and eco-activist at the 2013 Environmental Media Association awards. Naturally, there was some talk about Begley’s LEED-certified home, the construction of which is being chronicled on the web show, On Begley Street.

Begley explained his choice to use recycled steel in his home instead of wood: “Wood can be renewable if you’re getting it from tree farms where they’re planting trees again and again, but a lot of times, when we try to replenish a native forest, we don’t do so good. Nature is much better at that then we are.” He went on to say that if someone needs forest products, those renewable tree farms are the way to go, but don’t always assume that a house needs to be built with wood.

“You gotta build a house, you gotta build it out of wood, right? Not so! You build most office buildings out of steel, why not build your house out of steel? When you’re done with it, you can recycle it again. The steel in your car was a building, the steel in a building was your car,” he explains.

When asked by Spector for his thoughts on water and veganism, Begley sure knew his stuff, stating that growing vegetables takes far less water than raising animals for meat, and uses a lot less land and energy. “If you want to do something good for the environment, either become a vegetarian as I am, or [eat meat-free] one day a week, two days a week, three days a week,” said Begley. “As low as you can eat on the food chain, it’s gonna be good for water issues and good for the environment.” Preach!

Check out the full interview to hear more about Begley’s plans for his green home, as well as one not-so-green thing that Begley wishes he didn’t have to do.

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