Al Gore shares what he personally does to lower his carbon footprint
by Lindsey Little
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Former Vice President and climate change crusader, Al Gore, was in Los Angeles yesterday for “24 Hours of Reality: The Cost of Carbon,” an annual live-streamed multimedia show dedicated to sparking action on climate change.

He took a break from the action to answer some questions on Reddit AMA, where he was asked:

“What specific things are you doing in life to lower your personal carbon footprint? And what is the biggest one specific thing I as an individual can do to reduce mine?”

Gore responded by saying, “I use only carbon-free electricity. Have 33 solar panels on my roof, seven deep geothermal wells under my driveway, LED lights and highest-grade energy-saving windows, max insulation, hybrid plug-in car, etc. No fountains, btw. What you can do? Make smart choices for low-carbon options in the marketplace, make sure you divest from carbon-intensive stocks; be a smart and active citizen! Let politicians know the climate crisis MATTERS to you — A LOT — that you will WORK and contribute to candidates who really champion solutions — and that you will seriously work hard to DEFEAT candidates who ignore climate or take the wrong positions on climate. Help put a price on carbon in the market and put a price on denial in the political system.”

He also urged everyone to assess the carbon pollution risks they’re exposed to by visiting

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  • ew_3

    How does he fuel the private jet he uses to travel to and from eco conferences all over the world ? Where does the electricity come from for his hybrid plug-in car?

  • cristo52

    And if we all had a billion dollars . . .