Stephen Colbert takes on Dallas Safari Club's plans to save the rhinos with a chance to kill a rhino
by Jennifer Mishler
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Photo: The Colbert Report / Comedy Central

We were pretty baffled by the news that Dallas Safari Club (DSC) plans to auction off the chance to hunt an endangered black rhino, with the proceeds going to a rhinoceros conservation fund. Apparently, we weren’t alone.

Ecorazzi nation, the Colbert nation seems equally baffled. Stephen Colbert strikes again, as “The Colbert Report” devoted last night’s “The Word” segment to blasting the DSC.

Colbert says there are only about 5,000 black rhinos left in the world, but “Luckily folks, one group has stepped forward with a bold conservation plan. The Dallas Safari Club says they will save the black rhino by auctioning off the chance to shoot one. It’s like the old saying: if you love something set it free, then when it has a bit of a head start, open fire.” A video of a DSC spokesman explaining the rare chance to have a black rhino as a trophy gets laughs from the crowd. As Colbert says, “the more you shoot, the rarer it gets.”

So what’s Colbert’s solution? He has two! “How about this? We shoot all 5,000 remaining rhinos. That will bring in 3.7 billion and we can use that cash to keep one last rhino safely confined (in case we want to shoot him).” The other solution: auctioning off the chance to hunt a member of the Dallas Safari Club.

Watch the hilarious 6+ minutes Colbert taking on “hunting as conservation.”

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  • Christopher Locke

    Bravo, Mr. Colbert! There’s nothing like some smart satire to shame hypocrisy. Thanks for writing this up, Jennifer. It’s definitely going on my Facebook wall. And I see that you’re in the D.C. area, so you’re probably familiar with Compassion Over Killing. My wife works in the LA branch, but the D.C. branch is the home base. Keep up the good work on animal advocacy! We appreciate it :)

  • Bill Kauffman

    Shepherd on, Jennifer, and Stephen!

  • Love Extreme Peace

    It is sad, what they are doing in Africa, I was there for the past 3 years, some part already lost the few animals that they had in the recent years. This article is already on my Facebook. Thanks Jennifer, and I like the point raised by Stephen, yes it is funny, but at the same time it highlights the stupidity of what Dallas Safari Club is doing.