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CNN’s premiere of the buzz-worthy documentary, ‘Blackfish,’ was the #1 cable news program this past Thursday, according to Nielsen Ratings. Many of the viewers were of the much sought after 18-49 year old bracket. It was also the second most mentioned cable program on Twitter. Online and on their mobile app, Blackfish ranked #1 in page views for all of CNN films.

Following the film, CNN’s Crossfire put up a poll, asking viewers if they would being their children to SeaWorld. 86% of the respondents said NO.

See what we mean about buzz-worthy?

The response from the film has been so enthusiastic that CNN has scheduled two more encore presentations. The first one is tonight (Saturday, October 26th) at 8:30PM Eastern time, repeating at 11:30PM and 3AM Eastern. The following Saturday, November 1st, will be the next presentation. Tune in, set your DVRs, and tell your friends and family about this important film!

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  • Christopher Locke

    Thanks for getting the word out there about “Blackfish,” Amanda (and for being vegan)! I’m so happy it’s getting so much attention, and even happier that so many people care enough about these animals’ suffering that they wouldn’t take their kids to Sea World again. Is this the end for marine parks? Is the truth finally sinking in that wild animals are abused in places like marine parks and circuses? Can someone just give this film an Academy Award already? Yes, please!

  • Mooninnorfolk

    Everyone in America should see this movie. They should show it in schools. That would put a serious dent in SeaWorld’s bottom line.