Bob Barker on devoting his life to animals
by Jennifer Mishler
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Bob Barker has already become a superhero for animals. He has helped provide a sanctuary home for chimps rescued from a research lab, and donated $5 million to Sea Shepherd for a ship that strengthened their whale defense campaigns among many other generous acts. Most recently the former host of “The Price is Right” paid $1 million to send three elephants, who have spent decades at the Toronto Zoo, to the sanctuary at Performing Animals Welfare Society (PAWS).

Bob Barker clearly has a deep love of animals, and the 89-year-old recently told the Huffington Post just how much his animal activism means to him. “I am one of millions of people who was just born with a deep love of animals. I have been devoted to animals since I can remember. As a kid I picked up strays and tried in my clumsy ways to help injured animals. I’ve done it all my life, and now I’m doing it on a much larger scale,” he said.

Barker also recalled some of his favorite moments so far from his many years of helping animals, including watching the three elephants arrive at PAWS, helping to pass a bill against using animals in circuses in Bolivia, and paying to send 84 former circus lions from Bolivia to the United States after the bill passed. “I went to Denver to welcome the lions, and they’re in a sanctuary there now. I felt just as joyous at the site of those beautiful lions as I did when I saw those elephants,” he added.

He also encouraged others to give what they can, and shared that he wants to give away his money to causes that matter to him. “Any time an animal can be helped anywhere in any way, it pleases me. I’ve had a wonderful life doing something I thoroughly enjoy on TV and being well-paid for it, but rather than just writing a will and leaving money to be distributed after my death, I decided to start giving it away. I would recommend that to other people; give your money away while you’re still alive,” said Barker.

How did Barker say others can help out? “If you can afford it, I would recommend you check out your local organizations, choose carefully and make some contributions. If you are able to physically go to your local organization and volunteer, they all need help, and I think that you’ll find that it’s very satisfying,” he added.

You might be wondering if Bob Barker shares his home with any rescued animals. He talked about his friend, Mister Rabbit, who was found outside in the cold. When Barker asked others about adopting the little guy, they wanted to put him in a cage; so Barker adopted him himself. “The vet said the average age was four to six years and sometimes 10. Mister Rabbit is now 10-and-a-half and he still runs all over the house,” says Barker.

Mister Rabbit and so many other animals now have a better life, thanks to Bob Barker!

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  • Pattyshenker

    LOVE THAT BOB! He has done so much for animals & to further the end of animal exploitation. He is definitely one of my heroes- for his outspokenness, his generosity, his humor and his unbending call for justice for animals! He truly is an inspiration! Thank you for this beautiful article on the amazing Bob Barker.

  • Jen Samuel

    thank you!