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Kickstarter Launched for Superhero Rescue Dog Comic Book

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A fundraising campaign has been launched for a new comic book. This isn’t just any comic book, though; it will follow the adventures of a three-legged rescue dog named Piggy.

A Piggy’s Tale,” written by Tod Emko and illustrated by Ethan Young, is based on a real “super-dog” with a touching story. Emko writes on the Kickstarter page, “The real-life Piggy is my wonderful 3-legged puppy companion.  I rescued him in 2009 during a veterinary campaign trip to the Dominican Republic; my friend and I discovered him hungry, limping, and hairless.  He resembled a little piglet, hence his name.  After many hours of surgery, medicine, and lots of love, Piggy made a full recovery and came home to NYC with me.”

He adds, “A Piggy’s Tale is an exciting all-ages, full color comic that follows the adventures of a 3-legged super-pup named Piggy! Along with his extremely clever and mischievous feline sidekick, Simon, the duo seeks to stop all sorts of evil from befalling potential victims in NYC.” The real-life Simon was the first patient seen by Darwin Animal Doctors, a non-profit providing veterinary care to domestic and wild animals in the Galapagos Islands. The organization was founded by Emko along with fellow activist Andrea Gordon. Simon was also adopted by Emko, making him Piggy’s real-life sidekick.

If you donate, you don’t just help Piggy’s adventures come to life. There are some perks too! They range from you a personal thank you on piggytale.com (just $1!), to signed editions of the comic from the creators, to Piggy t-shirts, a Piggy video game, or even a hand-knit Simon beanie hat (yup, with cat ears). Pledge $1,000 or ore and you’ll even get a drawing of you and your companion animals as superheroes by Ethan Young (among other perks).

Emko writes, “The heroic adventures of a handicapped dog and a rescue cat? Not your typical, everyday comic. ‘A Piggy’s Tale’ is definitely unique. We want this comic to reach as many people as possible, and we’ll need your support to make that happen. Show us some faith and you’re sure to feel rewarded when you read the story.” The campaign is aiming to raise $10,000 to complete two full-color issues of the comic, which would be launched spring 2014.

So far, over $3,500 has been raised with with 22 days left to go in the campaign. If you would like to donate, visit the “A Piggy’s Tale” Kickstarter page.


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