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by Ali Berman
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Photo: Blackfish the Movie

We know people all over the USA are being inspired to boycott SeaWorld thanks to the critically acclaimed documentary “Blackfish”. We thought, just to rub a little salt in SeaWorld’s wounds (the orcas sure are wounded enough), we’d share what celebrities, with their millions upon millions of followers, are tweeting about the film, and about SeaWorld.

We’ll give you a hint. “Blackfish” is praised. SeaWorld is eviscerated. If you missed the film, don’t fret. It will air again on CNN on Saturday Nov. 2 at 9 p.m. ET. Enjoy!


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  • Éireann Simpson

    This piece rocks,thanks to the celebrities who are on board and hate SeaWorld as we do!

    • Blackfish sucks

      How many of these celebrities hate both SeaWorld and Blackfish?

  • Jim

    I am vegan I don’t like any animals in captivity. How many of these so called celebrities eat meat that is not free range, or cage free? How many go to zoos, rodeos? It is easy to climb onboard what is chic. Let them put their money where their mouths and promote ethical treatment to all animals. SeaWorld is wrong in all aspects, but to compare it with the Cove makes people lose credibility.

    • MaseOne

      Put a sock in it hippie

  • mostpeoplearehopless

    Blackfish is propaganda bullshit. Let’s ruin thousands of people lives to save the 30 orcas they have left. Make sure no one ever gets to see or learn anything about them again. But at least you will know that there are a couple dozen big black fish somewhere out in the ocean eating baby whales and torturing seals that you saved by jumping on this bandwagon. Fuck you and the fish you rode in on. This is what people spend there time and energy on………screw the whales, I need saved from you dipshits.