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While filming his latest flick, “Hercules: The Legend Begins,” Kellan Lutz portrayed a hero on and off the screen by helping out some animals in need.

An animal lover with two adopted rescued dogs of his own, Lutz didn’t mind spending his very limited time off from filming to help out a no-kill animal sanctuary in Bulgaria that was in danger of losing its funding.

Lutz took to his Facebook page to spread the word about Animal Rescue Sofia, the sanctuary in need. He posted: “After seeing the many stray dogs in Bulgaria, myself and the cast of ‘Hercules’ couldn’t stand by and not do something to help Animal Rescue Sofia. Please watch and share, team. Every action we take, no matter how small, helps in the greater good.” He then shared a YouTube video of the time he and the “Hercules” crew spent at the shelter, learning about the stray dog population of the city, on their one day off. The video is definitely worth watching and learning about ARS, which houses 500 dogs for their lives, or until they find their forever homes. No dogs are turned away.  ARS also offers free spaying and neutering to help decrease the pet overpopulation problem in Sofia. (They’ve spayed and neutered 5,000 dogs so far!)

Unfortunately, as a non-government, non-profit organization, funds are tight and the lease on their current location is expiring soon with no renewal. They are hoping to raise enough money to move into a better location to continue their important work. If you are interested in donating or learning more about ARS and their mission, check out their website.

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  • felisdarkmoon

    Thank you Kellan! Thank all that can help and want!
    I’m from Bulgaria and here problem is really big. We don’t have enough shelters and most people are very cruel not only to street animals, but also to us which try to help them. I’m adopt few cats, but most time I flew so hopeless!