Twilight star Kellan Lutz joins PETA to ask for humane treatment of crabs and lobsters
by Megan Thompson
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Lobsters and crabs often get overlooked in the ongoing battle for animal rights; however, after the release of shocking footage from a crustacean slaughterhouse in Maine, Twilight star and animal activist Kellan Lutz and thousands of other compassionate people are speaking up for these helpless sea creatures.

This public outcry was fueled by the recent PETA investigation of the Linda Bean slaughterhouse in Maine. Undercover workers provided horrifying video footage of crabs and lobsters being ripped apart by employees while still fully alive and struggling.

At the factory, Lobsters are commonly killed by workers who rip the legs and antennae off living animals before dumping the heads and bodies into sorting bins. Live crabs are slammed against sharp spikes by workers  who then tear off the upper shells and scrub the animals’ flesh and organs with spinning brushes. The mutilated crabs are then dumped – alive – into boiling water.

In response to the moving footage, Kellan Lutz wrote a letter to the Linda Bean factory, urging the factory to adopt more humane practices. “I’m not a vegetarian,” he wrote “but I know cruelty when I see it.” The actor then went on to say that his stomach was turned by the slaughterhouse footage. He said “I watched as conscious lobsters were torn apart by your employees, who then threw them into dumpsters to die slowly and painfully, treating them as if they were trash rather than living beings.”

PETA, Lutz and many others are asking the slaughterhouse to consider a more humane system that would give the crabs and lobsters a fast and painless death. You can too by clicking here.

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