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George Clooney Says Ignoring Climate Change is 'Ridiculous'

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As George Clooney attended the Britannia Awards on Saturday night, he was following the news about Typhoon Haiyan with a heavy heart.

On Friday, the massive typhoon slammed into the eastern seaboard of the Philippines. With winds of up to 235 miles per hour, Haiyan is one of the most powerful storms ever recorded. The death toll is thought to be at least 10,000 in the central Philippines.

“It’s terrible,” said Clooney on the red carpet. “And it’s headed towards Vietnam and we’ll see what happens there. It’s a terrible disaster.”

The “Gravity” actor hopes fellow celebrities will do everything they can to raise money for typhoon victims, as they did for Haiti following their devastating earthquake and New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

“We did the Golden Globes a week before we did the Haiti telethon and we were able to sort of rally some troops around and we’ll see what goes on from here and see what we’re able to do,” he said. “It’s just happened a day ago so we’re figuring it out.”

While there is no way to know if global warming caused the typhoon, the 52-year-old actor said that denying the existence of climate change is “ridiculous.”

“Well it’s just a stupid argument,” Clooney told reporters at the event. “If you have 99 percent of doctors who tell you ‘you are sick’ and 1 percent that says ‘you’re fine,’ you probably want to hang out with, check it up with the 99. You know what I mean? The idea that we ignore that we are in some way involved in climate change is ridiculous. What’s the worst thing that happens? We clean up the earth a little bit?”

People in the Philippines are in desperate need of food, water, shelter and medicine. If you would like to help, visit UNICEF and Oxfam America.

Photo Credit: Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com
Source: Huffington Post

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  • ordinary vegan

    George Clooney – you can’t be an environmentalist and not be vegan

    • Karl Malloy

      Hey OV – you can’t be judgmental and not have people consider you to be judgmental.

  • mememine

    Until science stops agreeing it only “could” be a crisis, NOBODY can say it WILL be a crisis.

  • Audrey Fischer

    Thank you, George Clooney, for speaking up for a wake-up call to the deniers of Climate Change. Global Warming is THE most humbling profound challenge mankind will ever face in our lifetime. Global warming is an urgent matter. We owe it to future generations to do whatever we can… now.
    This crisis will bring out the best in each of us and we will find the innovation, synergy and determination to do it right. I am a Climate Reality Leadership Corps activist, and I encourage you to visit our website and become part of the movement to raise the world’s understanding of the impact and urgency of climate change.

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