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Many of us already know that eating foie gras is a faux pas, and following some released undercover footage, Gordon Ramsay seems to possibly agree.

In the video released recently, ducks in a foie gras farm in France are seen in various states of illness. Footage shows a duck slumped forward in his or her cage and barely breathing, another is vomiting, and another is panting while being force fed with a pipe down his or her throat, which is precisely how foie gras is made. When it was discovered that this particular foie gras farm supplies Ramsay’s restaurants, the chef and his team came to attention.

“As soon as we were made aware of these allegations, we immediately suspended purchasing from this supplier and have launched an investigation,” stated a Ramsay spokesperson.

While this does not necessarily mean that Ramsay will remove foie gras from his menus forever, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) are hopeful.

“The RSPCA believes that the sale of traditionally-produced foie gras should be banned and no restaurateur or retailer should have this product on offer to its customers. We hope that [Ramsay’s restaurants] will cease sourcing traditional foie gras altogether, as this barbaric product should have no place in fine dining,” the charity said.

The RSPCA also points out that while foie gras farming is banned in the UK due to animal cruelty, it is still legal to import it from other countries and sell and serve it.

All fingers and toes (especially webbed ones) are crossed that Ramsay will make a decision in the best interest of animals, not his business. If he decides to 86 foie gras, it could possibly influence other restaurants to make similar ethical choices.

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