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Shock jock Howard Stern has something to say about SeaWorld. Again.

Recently on air, Stern shared his thoughts on SeaWorld’s recent attempt to get trainers back in the water, despite the deaths of three other trainers.

“I was talking to Sam Simon, who educates me on things like this, and I happen to believe that you can’t lock a whale up in captivity,” Stern said. “That is so cruel, come on, give me a break. … From what I’m reading whales are like, almost like people in terms of intelligence and family, and then they separate them out, and it’s, like, heartbreaking. F*****g leave them in the ocean! I don’t have to see a whale that bad at SeaWorld… What kind of idiot goes to SeaWorld anyway?”

Stern has spoken out against SeaWorld’s practices before, specifically when Tillikum was put back to work after the death of a trainer. “You would think after a horrible tragedy like that, there would be no more ‘whale exhibit’ at SeaWorld,” he said back in 2011.

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  • PlaidPickle

    Howard the hypocrite, his carbon footprint is ten times larger than any 1000 “regular ” folks combined. He destroyed one of the last natural/untouched parcels of beachfront property in Southampton to builds his 20,000 square foot mansion with 12 fire places and heated pool. This “home” is up and running 24/7/365 yet he is only there on weekends and a few weeks during the summer.

    • Vivian

      What does that have to do with captive whales? So you’re upset that he bought a piece of property and built a large house, where lots of other wealthy people have done the same thing? You’re angry because he doesn’t cut the electricity off while he goes to work during the week? And how do you know someone else isn’t staying there while he’s gone? He does have children, you know. You may not enjoy his humor, but he is a very smart man. For him to be using his show to address the inhumane and dangerous “business practices” of Sea World is very honorable. And why do you know so much about his house anyway… 12 fireplaces? Stalker.

      • PlaidPickle

        I live within walking distance of his house, The fact is to build it, he destroyed a very ecologically sensitive and important piece of land and now he claims to care about animals. What about the animals that were displaced to build his vacation home? That’s the hypocrisy of people like him. He’s just another limousine liberal spouting off about stuff he doesn’t know anything about unless someone like Sam Simon tells him it’s bad.

      • Wiz

        Yeah people like him are sickening, I doubt he cares about whales. People like him just suck the guts out of the earth and society, they think they are sooo special and the world should revolve around them. Cant you tell heaps of homeless people to crash his pad!!!!

      • EricT

        you live within walking distance? So you live an ecologically sensitive area too, the same one you’re complaining about him living in? Why not be angry with the previous owners who sold him the property, aren’t they more to blame? Okay, you go to Sea World and watch highly intelligent animals in captivity do tricks for your entertainment while they spend their lives in misery.

      • PlaidPickle

        Oh, I have been against Sea World and their ilk for decades, this is just part of Stens”I’m so evolved, I only eat fish because all other animals are practically human” Kick. I guess he doesn’t realize that the commercial fishing industry is an even bigger threat to whales than Sea World. I live in a farm house that has been in my family for 150 years, not on the beach in a wetlands area that should have never been issued building permits. Unlike you, I can walk more than two blocks, I guess.

      • zeropointzero

        Your all stupid…. ba ba boooey. Long live the king of all media… and a damn good human being… Howard Stern!

      • PlaidPickle

        It’s “you’re”, ya moron.

      • Rick Eger

        What are you talking about?

      • Maleficent

        “people like him”, “liberal” … So now the truth comes out – you are a conservative spouting hatred for liberals. A hypocrite calling out hypocrisy perhaps?

      • Sharon Mistic

        Haha!!! really!

    • Maleficent

      Every human is a hypocrite in some way. Many people are anti-cetacean captivity and yet they have no problem supporting the far greater cruelty of factory farming so they can have a cheeseburger or a glass of milk each morning.

      • PlaidPickle

        now, that’s a sensible post out of you.

    • Linda L Fleming

      He has money……you sound bitter

  • A_from_florida

    Something tells me that whales are more intellegent than Stern. And the only cruel thing about SeaWorld is that they are unfortunally mentioned in the same title as him. But then again, who actually needs to do research when there is a poorly made, incrediably biased “documentery” to base all of your information of off.

    • phin13

      Clearly both the whales and Stern are far more intelligent than you are.

    • shamu

      You’re a dumbass.

    • Me

      and you must be an idiot for a comment like this you need to read and educate yourself!!!

    • Rick Eger

      Does the A stand for @sshole?

  • Tracey Love Brooks

    People who don’t know any different. I went there in 2003 when I visited florida and didn’t know any better. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have gone. It is amazing to see these creatures but I would much rather pay to see them in the wild than to be treatedbthe way they are. Xxx

    • Linda L Fleming

      Live and learn then act!

  • Jules

    To say that the movie Blackfish is biased is like saying Sea World is biased in the other direction. Of course they will have evidence to support the cause. The difference is that you barely need a brain cell to know that keeping an animal that swims up to 100 miles per day is wrong period…period. The human ego is an amazing thing. Amazing what we feel we are entitled to.

  • Lyn Parker