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Singer Claire Boucher (AKA Grimes) is certainly a dog lover and someone concerned about environmental issues. This no doubt plays a part in why many of her veggie-loving fans were shocked by her recent Tumblr post about pausing her veganism for ice cream.

Along with a picture of herself with a carton of the “Anchorman 2″-inspired new Ben & Jerry’s flavor, Scotchy Scotch Scotch, Grimes wrote:

“1 day hiatus from veganism is being had starting NOw.”

Not surprising to anyone who understands how Internet interactions go, a lot of people were mad and some of them left the young singer some rather frank comments, such as (minus expletives):

“…A one day hiatus on compassion? Just one day where you’re like ’whoops gonna consume something that was stolen from you and your young because HIATUS MAN.’”

Grimes made a lengthy response to all the uproar, defining her personal take on veganism.

“Part of the reason I posted the ben and jerry’s thing is because I like to encourage people towards a type of veganism that is inviting and accepting. For the longest time I was vegan but I just wouldn’t say I was because of the bad reputation of veganism. most of the vegans i know are dogmatic *ssholes, and it completely turns people off,” she wrote. “My brand of veganism is one wherein if your grandparents have no idea what you are talking about then you eat their beef stew rather than upset or confuse them. or if you really want to have cake with an egg in it on the holidays then you have that rather than just not being a vegan because you don’t want to give up occasionally having something that you love.”

Grimes also explained that Ben & Jerry’s is “the only” ice cream she enjoys because “their cows are treated ethically” and they incorporate eco-friendly elements to their business. She closed her post with the following:

“[T]his comment is why no one wants to be vegan. unlike this dude, i would like to fully encourage everyone to be vegan rather than scare them away. I love being vegan. my skin is better, i have more energy, i feel really healthy and i get sick way less than i used too and I’m not contributing to factory farming. that said, I also occasionally enjoy things i used to eat because it makes me feel good and i am less discouraged about not eating those things the rest of the time.”

What do you think about Grimes’s “brand” of veganism?

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  • LES

    Way to go Grimes, A Vegan diet is a compassionate diet.. It should continue extend to people with different lifestyles. That way rather than producing anxiety or disagreement between people, it exists as the ideology itself in its purest form.

    • indivinvestor

      why not be a compassionate vegetarian? That’s what she is. There’s no reason to water-down the sacrifices and efforts of true vegans.

      • Karl Malloy

        I think you should properly refer to yourself as a “part-time life form compassionist”, until such time as you start observing what might be falling under your feet as you step, and being much more cautious in your food preparation to avoid destroying living beings. Please see the Wikipedia page for Jainism and you may grow in your spiritual compassion for other living things.

  • MySideYourSide

    While i can understand people finding this upsetting (I for one didn’t mind confusing my Grandma by not eating her trifle, but for some people that is a compromise they would make), i am totally on board.

    Vegan 99% of the time is still a great way to help the planet/health/animals, & if it means more people can be vegan or close to, that can only be a good thing.

    • indivinvestor

      One of the problems here is Grimes is getting blowback for claiming to be “vegan.” True vegans are animal rights activists. There are no 1-day hiatuses for true vegans. In other words, you can’t be 99% vegan just like you can’t be 99% pregnant. The problem is the term ‘vegan’ is used loosely by people who are on plant-based diets for reasons other than animal rights, and plant-based dieters often take hiatuses to indulge in things like ice cream. Grimes is a celebrity, so she’s being held to a higher standard of communication, but that’s the price of being famous.

      • Karl Malloy

        As a Jainist, I resent you laying claim to the term “vegan” to mean what you say. We Jainists are the true vegans. We filter our water before drinking it to catch life forms inside, then reverse flow through the filter to free them. We won’t eat potatoes because they could harm an insect when being removed from the ground, and also root vegetables kill the entire plant when taken, as opposed to fruits and other vegetables. We are careful when we walk so they never step on a living being. You are pretty weak in your compassion comparatively, but I think that if you try to grow more compassionate over time you will succeed and you will reduce harmful reaction karma in your life.

  • Ann

    While I respect her view, her statements promote the idea that 100% veganism is unattainable and anyone that makes the claim that they are is a flightly vacuous poser. If you are not 100% vegan, then you are a vegetarian or just a person that is trying to be more aware of the impact of their food and life style choices on other living beings and the planet. If the label does not fit, do not use it, otherwise you are discrediting that which you seek to obtain.

    • Maleficent

      I’m so sick of the bickering over labels and their definitions! This makes veganism look no different than dogmatic religions.

      • indivinvestor

        Vegans are at war (non-violently) against animal cruelty. That’s why it feels that way to you. Grimes made a mistake by going this route, but she’s smart enough and compassionate enough to learn from it and be more respectful in the future.

      • Karl Malloy

        Very traditional Jainists are way better than you. They filter their water before drinking it to catch life forms inside, then reverse flow through the filter to free them. They won’t eat potatoes because they could harm an insect when being removed from the ground, and also root vegetables kill the entire plant when taken, as opposed to fruits and other vegetables. They are careful when they walk so they never step on a living being. You are pretty weak in your compassion compared to them, but I think that if you try to grow more compassionate over time you will succeed and you will reduce harmful reaction karma in your life.

  • indivinvestor

    “brand” of veganism sounds like a fad, not a lifestyle or a commitment to animals or our planet. I wonder how Ben and Jerry’s ‘ethically’ treated cows feel? That sounds so ridiculous to make a decision on behalf of an animal being used for humans’ decadent desires for ice cream. I think a lot of celebrities are claiming to be vegan for attention rather than being truly committed. If that’s not the case with Grimes, she should at least be more mindful of her audience’s sensitivities. Nonetheless, if Grimes is 99% vegan. That’s a good thing. If everyone went 99% our planet would be a much better place. Follow me on Twitter @vegan_soul

    • Jaci

      She’s completely right. This sort of crap is why I will never try that lifestyle. At least not openly.

      • indivinvestor

        She is not ‘completely’ right. Technically, the term ‘vegan’ is used by animal rights activists. Grimes shouldn’t claim to be vegan when she’s buying animal products, whether they be food, clothing or whatever. She, and you, would have an easier time by ditching the word ‘vegan’ and simplifying by saying you prefer a “plant-based diet.” Remove the animal rights part of the equation and try to eat as much plant based foods as possible. It’s healthier anyway. There’s a reason why the award winning documentary intentionally avoided using the word vegan. You can read why by searching for the article “Vegan on the Silver Screen”.

      • Lauren Ann Read Koslow

        Yep, her messing with the meaning of the word “vegan” with a self-defined “brand” is way more confusing than any allegorical grandmother. Compromising one’s values and eating even a piece of an animal for the sole sake of avoiding a teaching moment is weak. it takes two people to have a conflict; if someone doesn’t understand, explain, don’t cave.

    • Maleficent

      Maybe her audience should be mindful of her sensitivities?

      • indivinvestor

        sorry, maleficient. it doesn’t work that way when you’re a celebrity claiming to be vegan and posting a pic of yourself eating ben & jerry’s. It’s not like the paparazzi invaded her privacy.

  • Maleficent

    I say live and let live. People need to tone down the judgment and condemnation. Most vegans come across as holier-than-thou a-holes. This is why I am hesitant to call myself “vegan” even though I consume no animal products.

  • Liane Blanco

    She can’t call herself a vegan. If she didn’t want an uproar she should have kept her gluttony and her weakness to herself.

    I hate hypocrites. Especially the ones who brag about their hypocrisy on the Internet.

  • koolkatkiwi

    What do I think about her “brand of veganism”? Why, just that she’s not vegan at all, and never has been. She says so in the article. Pffff! Veganism is a compassionate way of living. You don’t just “take a holiday from compassion” so you can pig out and indulge yourself. Or, just to please your old granny. You STAND BY your convictions.

  • Catie Coleman Miglietti

    That’s not veganism. That’s someone who eats mostly plants. That’s all. If she’s eating Grandma’s beef stew she’s not even vegetarian. She doesn’t sound very intelligent. How old is she?

  • Crinkle Dee

    I think it’s great that she’s helping to make veganism a more fluid term. Whatever way works for you is great. We all live in different locations and situations, so assuming ALL people can adopt the same level of commitment while we live in a society that works very much against this life style, is not realistic. Maybe some day it will be a vegan world but until then, chill out and let the world transition in peace. Anything aggressive is NOT going to speed up that transition, in fact it will slow it down. When people get all rude towards those who are trying in some way, it makes the whole cause look unappealing and unwelcoming. I say commit as much as you can, every step is a step. There are no vegan police, only people who haven’t realized that living compassionately includes compassion for other humans. How ever vegan you are, be it 100% or even if you only eat one vegan meal a week, we’re all on the same team. Go team compassion! <3 :D

  • Tristan Shout

    I’m not a racist but my grandparents are. I make sure to scream racial slurs at minorities when I’m hanging out with my grandparents because they’re too old and stuck in their ways to understand my true peace-loving left-leaning ways. They’d probably label me a pinko socialist. Ugh, can’t have that!