Pharrell Williams Addresses Fur Coat Controversy
by Megan Blanchard
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According to Contact Music, rapper and “Get Lucky” producer Pharrell Williams came under fire from PETA recently for wearing an ankle-length fur coat to promote French label Moncler’s new Parisian store.

Williams told Complex Magazine, ”Often I see people going crazy over people who wear furs. And just recently I tried on something from Moncler. This crazy jacket. And I regret it because I sympathize with the people who are animal activists. I sympathize with their movement and I recognize that people could be impressionable.”

Williams then goes on to point out what he sees as hypocrisy among some animal rights activists, saying, “Don’t point the finger. Like, I hope there’s nothing leather in your whole entire house. And if there isn’t, that’s cool, but what about what you’re driving? Oh, you’re not putting any emissions in the air? Oh, OK, cool. Alright, so are you feeding any people? What are you doing with your life?”

Williams says he will think twice about wearing fur again, but he also says he loves fashion and likes to take risks. Although animal rights activists may not be satisfied with Williams’s mixed message, his response to PETA’s criticism offers an opportunity for all of us to pause before judging others.

Do you think Williams’s comments about fur represent a more animal-friendly perspective or are they merely a rationale for animal cruelty in the name of fashion?

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  • Paola BreadWater

    WTF? LMAO way to make no sense Williams.

  • wisepati

    Leather is a lot different than fur. Most leather from (unless you mean exotics) is a byproduct of meat production. Most ‘fur’ is produced by raising the animals solely for their pelts and killing them in horrific ways.
    You can feel it is wrong to wear fur because of the cruelty involved and still advocate for better lives for farm animals that provide food for us to survive.