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Sampson County Animal Control in North Carolina called the Animal Rescue Team of The Humane Society of the United States to investigate a large scale breeding facility (a suspected puppy mill). What they (and who) they encountered was unforgettable.

“When we walked into the building, the stench of urine and feces and illness hung in the air. So many of the dogs were in such terrible condition. But when I laid eyes on Ricky Bobby, the sweetest little dappled dachshund eaten away by paralysis and covered in his own filth, it just broke my heart,” wrote Jennifer Kulina-Lanese of the HSUS Animal Rescue Team. “He had a huge callus on his belly from dragging himself around. He had urine scalding on his legs, and his little feet had sores on them. His back legs had no muscle left — he was just all bones.”

Megan Bliss, the vet tech who treated Ricky Bobby and now his adoptive mother, said that the dachshund came with an untreated hardened disc in his hindquarters that caused his rear leg paralysis. “He had sores… on the underside of his body where he was dragging,” Bliss told WNCN.  “His mouth was a wreck.  His teeth were basically rotting out of his mouth.” R.B. now has just four teeth remaining.

Bliss built the rolling cart that has Ricky Bobby on the go again. While professionally made carts can run up to $300, Bliss crafted hers with PVC pipe, donated baby stroller wheels, zip ties, and some screws. Her grand total was $11. “He follows me everywhere, whether he’s in his cart or not, so he likes to stay right by me and that’s where he’s happiest,” Bliss said.

In this Humane Heroes video from HSUS, you’ll see Ricky Bobby’s life change before your eyes. From his miserable, painful life in that puppy mill pen, to his loving adoptive mother, to his exciting new mobility, you’ll need to have a box of tissues nearby. Thank goodness for the compassionate, hardworking people with the Humane Society who give these innocent animals a brighter future.

Photo credit: Humane Society of the United States / Facebook.com

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