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The Internet is having a field day with the news of Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s self-imposed 22-day “vegan” challenge. While many people are excited about their undertaking and think it will fuel the vegan movement, many other people are sounding off that, while eating no animal products is fantastic, the power couple can’t call themselves vegan if they’re wearing animal products, such as leather and fur. Beyonce must not be reading the comments because while visiting popular vegan restaurant, Native Foods in Los Angeles, she was sporting animal fur.

While we could all sit back and play Fashion Police (“Fur? Fur real? In Los Angeles? At a vegan restaurant??“), let’s give Bey the benefit of the doubt. First, she and Jay just started their plant-based diet this week. Not everyone can jump from zero to vegan overnight. Second, this is their trial run. They’re trying out a meatless diet for 22 days, and all us vegans know that there is a lot to learn, not just about food, but about all animal products and industries. And thirdly, they’re doing a plant-based challenge. Jay-Z even said on his blog that he “prefers” to call it plant-based rather than vegan. A plant-based diet is all about the food, not so much about the animals.

Whatever they want to call themselves, it would still be really cool if Beyonce and Jay-Z ditch the fur, leather, etc. Just as there’s plenty to eat without choosing meat, there’s plenty to wear without choosing someone else’s skin.

To learn more about the atrocities behind animal-based clothing, refer to And feel free to pass that link on to Beyonce, too.

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  • Hart Noecker

    Fuck them both.

  • Paragon-Music Webzine

    What a couple of tools! LOL They really do suck.

  • Sigh

    I’m glad they are going plant-based. I don’t need to hear about it anymore now. Gag.

  • Lorena

    Nope…can’t be forgiving about wearing fur to a vegan restaurant…seems very passive aggressive to me. Fine that they are “trying out” a “plant-based” diet, but it is too obvious the inherent cruelty in fur production. Nope, no forgiveness or “give them a chance” after this one.
    For the animals always.

  • Eco Vegan Shoes

    How selfish and ignorant do you have to be to wear animals to a vegan restaurant? We’re really disappointed, we’d hoped that when Jay Z said ‘completely vegan’, he meant it.

    Apparently it’s just another Beyonce fad diet a la the cayane pepper and maple syrup diet she was on a few years back. The woman needs a reality check.

  • Karl Malloy


  • Maleficent

    How offensive to wear that to a vegan restaurant of all places! Those two are the most vapid, ignorant, idiot celebrities out there today. Can’t stand them.

  • Christie

    I totally agree. They don’t have anything in their closet they could have worn that was less disgusting?

  • patricia

    these people are out of touch with reality.

  • designby

    I think celebrities going vegan should have similar traditions to AA. Meaning, “…we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and film” that would weed out all this ear pollution.

  • Peter

    Fur makes good looking people look ugly. Knowing that animals are skinned alive, wearing fur makes you look either ignorant, or just plain heartless and cruel, they look ugly inside and out. Let alone wearing fur to a vegan restaurant, that is really rude. But hey, money cannot buy you class.

  • Linda Leather

    Can we keep a sense of perspective on this topic. So Beyoncé wears leather to a vegan restaurant…so what she has not shot anyone!!!