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Last week, you met the adorable pup-on-wheels, Ricky Bobby, who was rescued by the Humane Society of the United States from a large puppy mill in North Carolina. Many dogs were rescued from those filthy conditions and today we’d like to introduce you to another special dog: Stella.

Stella was found in the second building of the puppy mill (yes, there was more than one building!), which held dogs in even worse conditions. These dogs were the breeding dogs, as well as dogs past their prime who weren’t “worth” anything as far as business was concerned. Ashley Mauceri, a part of the HSUS’ Animal Rescue Team, said upon first seeing Stella, “I could tell that she wanted some attention, though she was hesitant at first. But boy, that didn’t last long!”

In the video of Stella’s rescue, you can see this scared pup quickly become a furball of love and trust toward her rescuers. Despite all of her ailments – missing teeth, a heart murmur, defective lungs – Stella could tell that Mauceri and the other Rescue Teamers were there to help.

Like Ricky Bobby, Stella was adopted by another vet technician that worked on several dogs from that puppy mill. Stella’s adoptive mom, Joy Walker, said that Stella “grabbed me with the tongue, the face, just look at that face!” Walker works at the same veterinarian’s office as Ricky Bobby’s adopter, so the two dogs get to hang out together while their moms are working! It’s clear in the video that Walker and Stella have a strong bond.

“If we didn’t have people like the Humane Society, it would be worse [for animals],” Walker said. She tearfully thanks the HSUS for saving Stella and bringing the sweet, floppy-tongued pup into her life. And Ecorazzi thanks them, too.


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