Jay Z and Beyonce Go Vegan
by Megan Blanchard
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Jay Z and Beyonce are loving their plant-based diet, according to their nutrition coach and chef Marco Borges. In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan writer (and vegan) Nell Alk, Borges shares how their vegan journey began, what they think about it so far, and what the future might hold.

Here’s how veganism initially came up, according to Borges: “Jay and I were having a conversation a few months back, and I challenged him to adopt a plant-based breakfast. He said, ‘I could do that. I think that would be easy.’ He did, and it was even easier than he thought. A few weeks back, he called: ‘You know, I’d love to try to go vegan. My 44th birthday’s coming up, and there’s just something about it that feels right to me.’ He said, ‘I want to do it the day before my birthday, so that on my birthday I’m eating this way, and I want to do it for 22 days.’”

Is it just a cleanse or the prelude to a more permanent lifestyle? Borges won’t say explicitly, but he seems optimistic that it may become more of a regular dietary routine noting that it takes 21 days to break a habit.

According to Borges, all signs point toward continuing the plant-based diet: “They feel great. Energy levels, everything. They love it! It’s been easier than either could have imagined.”

While it’s a major bummer that Beyonce still wears fur, it’s possible that her vegan cleanse will compel her to explore the animal rights aspect of veganism a bit more. We all have to start somewhere, and most of us didn’t begin as 100% perfect vegans. Here’s hoping Jay and Bey stay the course past Christmas.

Check out the full interview here.

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  • The Urban Sommelier

    If eating vegan food makes you a vegan, then not punching babies makes you a pacifist.

    • http://www.thetreekisser.com/ noanimalsharmed

      Neither Beyonce nor Jay-Z has claimed to be vegan, so don’t worry, our alienating label is still safe. On a side note, I’ve been following Beyonce’s journey on Instagram and am THRILLED by the response, interest, and curiosity from her fans. I think this cleanse/experiment has been a HUGE win for the animals.

      • Lynzi

        Will start to listen when both of them give up wearing animals as fashion accessories.

  • Laloofah

    I’m always pleased when anyone makes the transition to a plant-based diet, knowing how beneficial it is for animals, the planet, world hunger and their health. But “plant-based” is what it is, not vegan. Wearing fur and leather is, to say the least, inconsistent with vegan values and the very definition of “vegan,” and only serves to create confusion and the rightful accusation of hypocrisy. Particularly in a case like this, when such celebrity is involved.