Peter Dinklage and Norman Reedus ask fans to shop cruelty-free and help ban cosmetic testing on animals
by Megan Thompson
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This month, actors from two of 2013’s most successful shows are joining forces with Cruelty Free International and asking their fans to make a very important New Year resolution – to be compassionate to animals and help end animal testing worldwide.

Peter Dinklage, from Game of Thrones, and Norman Reedus, from Walking Dead, may be tough guys on screen, but both of them have a soft spot when it comes to animals.

Dinklage is a well-known advocate for animal rights and, in 2012, served as a national spokesperson for the Farm Sanctuary, a non-profit which aims to rescue abused farm animals from slaughter. He is now working with Cruelty Free International to ban cosmetic testing on animals.

The Game of Thrones star is also a proud vegetarian and has a heartfelt message to share this holiday season; “As we head ever closer to 2014, many people will be contemplating their New Year resolutions. As Ambassador for Cruelty Free International, I ask that if you are going to make resolutions this year, please make two very important ones. One, to shop for cruelty-free products which feature the Leaping Bunny logo and two, join me and support the campaign to achieve a global ban on cosmetic testing on animals.”

Norman Reedus has a similar message to share with his Walking Dead fan base. “New Year is an exciting period as we make resolutions and contemplate what the next twelve months will bring. Please make sure of one thing, however, and that is to make 2014 a compassionate one by only shopping for cruelty-free products.”

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