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Eldad Hagar, co-founder of the animal rescue group, Hope for Paws, could hardly believe what he saw when he responded to a call about a dog abandoned in a garbage dump.

For starters, the young Husky blended in all too well with the garbage around her. She was too weak and sick to run away when Hagar came to rescue her. Hagar gave the dog food and sat with her in the garbage for about an hour until the dog seemed ready to leave. Once Hagar got the dog, whom he named Miley, into his car, he immediately took her to an animal hospital. The staff there diagnosed Miley with mange, parasites, bacterial infections, and malnutrition.

“She was very lucky we rescued her when we did, because her condition would have continued to deteriorate until she would have died a miserable and painful death,” Hagar said. “She was in so much pain.”

Antibiotics, medication for parasites, and many medicated baths later, Miley was starting to bounce back. What really lifted her spirits, though, was befriending another unlucky dog. Frankie was a chihuahua rescued from a sewer tunnel, swept away after heavy rains. Little Frankie was scared of everything, but Miley took him under her wing and the two are now close friends, as you’ll see in this amazing video.

Hagar predicts that Miley will be at 100% in a few months, at which time she’ll be ready for her forever home.

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  • Maleficent

    Videos like this make me simultaneously lose faith in humanity and have hope for humanity. No dog should ever get in that condition, but it is common in big cities. It’s unbelievable how cruel and indifferent humans can be.