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As one of 2013’s hottest releases, “The Wolf of Wall Street” has created quite a buzz in the movie world –  but it’s safe to say that PETA is not a fan. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals came out against the film for its controversial inclusion of an animal actor, a chimpanzee named Chance.

Chance is owned by the Rosaire family and, according to PETA, this group is notorious for “operating a traveling circus with an exploitative show featuring chimpanzees riding horses and doing other unnatural tricks.” The U.S. Department of Agriculture has cited the Rosaire family numerous times for failing to give the chimpanzees adequate living arrangements and failing to keep the animals (and the audiences) safe.

PETA has created a petition called “Ask Leonardo DiCaprio Never to Work With Great Apes Again.” Through this petition, the organization is asking DiCaprio, who has a long history of being involved with environmental causes, to serve as an example for the rest of Hollywood. “DiCaprio didn’t take the chimpanzee scene out of the movie and failed to respond to an appeal from PETA as well as thousands of other pleas from people and groups concerned about primate welfare. By setting an example for the rest of Hollywood, he can help prevent more great apes from suffering the way Chance [has].”

PETA, and animal-lovers everywhere, are hoping that the petition will discourage producers and actors from involving potentially mistreated animals in future films.

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