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Another celebrity agrees that the documentary, “Blackfish,” is a must-see. Aaron Paul of the TV series, “Breaking Bad” tweeted:

“Watched the most heartbreaking doc on the enslavement of Orca whales
at #SeaWorld on #Netflix. Everyone should see this. So sad. #BlackFish”

Paul is one of many, many celebrities who have tweeted their astonishment of the plight of orcas in captivity at marine parks such as SeaWorld. Zach Braff, Ewan McGregor, Russell Brand, Ellen Page, and Stephen Fry are just a handful of celebs who encourage their Twitter followers and fans to watch the documentary and boycott SeaWorld. We love when celebrities use their influence for good!

And as of a few days ago, the film is available to watch instantly on Netflix. Trust in Arron Paul. Watch the film.

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  • Steve Johnson

    Let’s be clear about SeaWorld and their ilk. They are a sideshow. A modern freak show. When I was a kid I would go to the midway at
    the traveling circus and they had midgets and two headed people you could pay
    to look at. This is no different. It’s looking at big animals that they train
    to shake hands with or kiss. At the end
    of the day they put their slave animals back into their little cages until the
    next show. It’s degrading and irrelevant bullshit that has nothing to do with
    the lives of these mammals in the wild.
    You learn nothing from the experience, you are fleeced of your hard
    earned money and you perpetuate an industry that tortures these animals. Save your money, go out on a whale watching
    boat, have an experience with an
    educated whale biologist and see the wild mammals in their natural
    environment. You will actually learn
    something worth knowing.

  • kim hughes

    Chimps in zoos right.. If chimps were denied food and taught to put on a circus like show for their dinner, there would be a freaking out cry of animal cruelty. If their babies were taken away from their mothers at only a year old and sold across the country, people would complain. If you apply anything they do to cetaceans and apply it to social apes, it wouldn’t be accepted one bit. Why is it acceptable to do this to dolphins and whales? Because they don’t have hands?! Seaworld relies on ignorance to fuel its bullshit. Education can’t come soon enough. Seaworld’s going down.