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Beyonce Gets Good Food, Advice at Chicago Vegan Restaurant

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Karyn Calabrese, owner of Karyn’s Cooked, a popular vegan restaurant in Chicago, had hoped to encourage Beyonce and Jay-Z during their 22-day plant-based challenge. Disappointed that she couldn’t reach their PR firm, imagine Calabrese’s surprise when she saw Beyonce herself, with daughter Blue Ivy, breeze into her restaurant last week.

“What’s funny is my PR firm tried to reach out and find Beyoncé and Jay Z because I wanted to send over a gift basket while she was in Chicago,” Calabrese told HollywoodTake.com. “Somehow, we were not able to reach them.”

Calabrese said that Beyonce and her guards were unbelievably nice and that little Blue Ivy was “precious!” Blue reportedly really enjoyed their meal at Karyn’s Cooked, as evidenced by “her fingers in every plate.” With dishes like pizza, chili, pasta and meatballs, potato soup, and peanut butter pie on the table, who can blame her?

After the big feast, Calabrese chatted up Beyonce about all the perks of a vegan diet. Calabrese revealed that she’s 66 years old and feels as amazing as she looks. “You might want to stay on the vegan team a little longer!” she told the glamorous singer and mother.

Calabrese told HT that in the 40 years she’s been eating plant-based, she’s seen a lot of stigmas and stereotypes, but she can see a change a-comin’.

“Up until now, people thought vegan was a granola type of crowd. That certainly is a wonderful group to be a part of, but it was stigmatizing and kept mainstream people away,” Calabrese said. “I think [now that] more mainstream people are getting involved, like Beyoncé — who is beyond glamorous — it will bring a different thinking.”

Calabrese also said that Beyonce is “really embracing” plant-based food and hopes they she and Jay-Z will stick to it. “If Beyoncé and Jay Z stick to this diet it might not be so easy to go back to dead flesh,” the chef said. “I’ve been away from it for so long that it’s really quite [hard] for me to watch people do it. I don’t judge, but it does seem odd to me.”

To read more about Karyn’s experience with thriving on a vegan diet, as well as her tips for others who want to give it a go, read the rest of the interview on HollywoodTake.com.

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Photo credit: Karyn’s Cooked / Facebook.com

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  • Frank Garrett

    I’m surprised she didn’t waltz in with a fur coat on.

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