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SeaWorld Plays Defense in New Ad Campaign

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SeaWorld is having a rough year. Following the release of the eye-opening documentary, “Blackfish,” the marine park has been struggling to keep up appearances. They’ve received plenty of backlash on social media, there was a huge effort to have them removed from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, musicians are demanding their music be pulled from their animal performances and are cancelling appearances at the park’s concerts, and recently an entire elementary school’s field trip was cancelled, all in response to the way the animals are captured and treated at the “abusement park.” Now, SeaWorld is trying to save face by releasing an open letter that claims their innocence and that their staff are actually “true animal advocates.”

Their open letter, which ran in newspapers across the country on Friday and is also available on their website, claims it’s “time to set the record straight,” and listed several “facts” about SeaWorld’s practices, including that the park does not separate calves from their mothers, the park hasn’t captured a whale in the wild in the last 35 years, some of their captive whales have the same lifespan as wild whales, and claiming that SeaWorld is a “world leader in animal rescue.” Wow! Makes one wonder why SeaWorld declined any invitation to contribute to “Blackfish” if everything they’re doing is top-notch and legit.

Lisa Lange of PETA says that SeaWorld’s full-page ad is misleading and full of false statements. In the video response to SeaWorld’s open letter, Lange points out that the marine park omitted the facts about the beluga whales they’ve captured in Russia or the other whales that were transferred from other parks whom were hunted and stolen from the ocean. And that bit about life spans?

“Although SeaWorld is right in stating that five of its whales have life spans similar to those of orcas in the wild, it fails to note that nearly every other orca at SeaWorld — some 35 of them — has died prematurely from violent accidents, preventable injuries, illnesses caused by stressful living conditions, and more,” Lange soberly states in the video.

What do you think of SeaWorld’s open letter?

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  • Joanna

    Sea World isn’t in it for the animals. If they were interested in providing sanctuary to sea life–if the animals were truly their top priority–they wouldn’t be a billion-dollar for-profit corporation breeding animals and making them perform for audiences at their theme parks.

  • Rangersteve

    Let’s be clear about SeaWorld and their ilk. They are a sideshow. A modern freak show. When I was a kid I would go to the midway at
    the traveling circus and they had midgets and two headed people you could pay
    to look at. This is no different. It’s looking at big animals that they train
    to shake hands with or kiss. At the end
    of the day they put their slave animals back into their little cages until the
    next show. It’s degrading and irrelevant bullshit that has nothing to do with
    the lives of these mammals in the wild.
    You learn nothing from the experience, you are fleeced of your hard
    earned money and you perpetuate an industry that tortures these animals. Save your money, go out on a whale watching
    boat, have an experience with an
    educated whale biologist and see the wild mammals in their natural
    environment. You will actually learn
    something worth knowing.

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