Justin Bieber buys a puppy after two years of controversy and mistreating animals
by Megan Thompson
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In the last two years, teen idol Justin Bieber has earned a lot of negative attention for his mistreatment of animals; sadly, it looks like the nineteen-year-old has not learned his lesson when it comes to pets. Over the Christmas holiday, Bieber purchased a white and tan American Bulldog puppy from a pet store in Ontario, Canada.

Bieber revealed his new pet on Friday when he tweeted “I got a new pup” and his father, Jeremy Bieber, posted a photo of the sleeping puppy. The older Bieber then caused an uproar among fans when he announced that one lucky Twitter follower would be allowed to name the new puppy.

Back in December of 2012, the singer caused a stir when he handed his pet hamster, Pac, over to a young fan at the Jingle Ball concert, asking her to “take care of him.” Unfortunately for the hamster, the teen was a better Bieber fan than animal caretaker and the pet died in March, 2013.

In June of last year, Bieber’s pet capuchin monkey, Mally, was seized by German officials when the singer tried to bring the animal into Munich without proper vaccinations or documents. Bieber was given the opportunity to regain custody of his pet, but failed to fill out the necessary documents and collect the animal. After Bieber’s failure to retrieve Mally, the monkey was transferred to a shelter in Munich and then to an animal park in Hanover.

The shelter in Munich has criticized Bieber for mistreating the young monkey. According to the shelter’s spokesperson, Mally, who was twenty-months-old when removed from Bieber’s care, was too young to be separated from its mother. Capuchin monkeys are also highly social animals and need to give in family groups in order to thrive.

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