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by Ali Berman
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Actor and comedian Vince Vaughn wanted to take control of his health so he quit smoking, followed a vegan diet and started running.

He told Metro, “I quit smoking, my wife had a baby and I had an injury, so I put some weight on. But then I got to a place where I was just ready to be disciplined. I was vegan for a little while and took up running. I try to avoid dairy but I still have the occasional piece of pizza.”

Back in 2012, Vaughn was even trying to get his friends in on the plant based goodness and workout routine. Ben Stiller said while they were filming “The Watch”, “He got everybody drinking these green drinks and he was into the P-90x work-out thing… It works, it’s great, my wife did it for a while and Vince would have us do, like, spontaneous plyometric exercises on the set in between takes. It’s all about muscle confusion… confusing your muscles so they get angry and grow.”

Vaughn follows in a long line of celebrities who have adopted a plant based diet to bolster their health. Most famously Bill Clinton, Michelle Pfeiffer and Robin Quivers were all motivated by the benefits of ditching animal products.

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