Kellan Lutz raises money for Bulgarian animal shelter while filming The Legend of Hercules
by Megan Thompson
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Actor Kellan Lutz, with the help of his fellow The Legend of Hercules cast members, recently raised more than $200,000 for a Bulgarian dog shelter. The animal-loving star, who spent time in Bulgaria while shooting the film in 2013, was struck by the number of homeless animals on the streets of Sofia and was inspired to work with a local shelter.

According to Lutz, “There’s no laws [in Bulgaria] against what you do with your pets so a lot of people get dogs and… there’s strays everywhere. It breaks my heart how un-taken care of they are.” The actor was so touched by the sight of so many abandoned animals that he and other cast & crew members began volunteering at the nearest shelter.

As large as the abandoned dog issue is in Bulgaria, there are also shelters and organizations rising to meet the need. Lutz and The Legend of Hercules crew were able to find a local, no-kill shelter that was working hard to help homeless dogs, but was also in need of support itself.

“They hold 500 dogs in this small facility,” Lutz recalls, “and they don’t euthanize. So Renny [Herlin, director] and Gaia [Weiss, co-star] and all of the cast from Hercules, we decided to go out and we’d go there on our days off and walk the dogs. We even named one Hercules, and someone in Dublin, I believe, bought Hercules from them. We also raised over $200,000 for this place.”

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