“Hunger Games” star Woody Harrelson wears vegan boots in “Catching Fire.” Likes so much, requests them again for “Mockingjay.”
by Nell Alk
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It comes as little surprise that conscientious celeb Woody Harrelson sported black vegan canvas lace-up boots in “The Hunger Games.” You know, that award-winning science fiction trilogy starring actress-of-the-moment Jennifer Lawrence?

While Harrelson’s unflinching commitment to the cause is hardly breaking news—as the animal-loving actor is widely recognized as an activist—we never tire of witnessing the rich and famous do right by planet earth and animals.

Now, we’re not saying every flesh facsimile is sustainable. We acknowledge this is far from a fact. But, given the stats surrounding raising animals for food and fashion (which is often intertwined, but not always), fake takes the cake no matter which way you slice it.

What’s more, a little bird told us Harrelson went out of his way to ensure his custom boots were synthetic. So, as fellow cast members settled for hideous hides, Harrelson made his ethical expectations known to all involved. And he’s in good company, joining Hollywood do-gooders (and A-listers!) like Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman, among myriad more, who’d rather go faux than wear leather.

Further solidifying his status, Harrelson’s “Hunger Games” wardrobe (including his cruelty-free footwear) was put up for auction in November, alongside apparel worn by J-Law et al. The Blacksparrow catalogue listing description, accompanied by a photo, reads: “…worn by Woody Harrelson as Haymitch with all of his suits.”

vegan boots

“Catching Fire” costume supervisor Jim Tyson is quoted as saying, “Woody Harrelson liked [the boots] so much that he requested them for ‘Mockingjay’ as well.” Sounds like a satisfied customer to us! We’re certain that, were more stars to eschew skins, they’d be pleased with the outcome, too. Our team can dream!

Bidding for the boots—which could be executed in person, by telephone, by absentee and online—began at $400. We’re not sure who won or how much they paid for the privilege, but more power to them in their kind kicks.

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  • jegibson

    Thank you Woody, you are a true hero. I wish everyone was more like you !!

  • Teyzoo

    so whose boots are they (designer/manufacturer?)

    • sheila

      directly above the boots, in picture, there is a link, the Blacksparrow catalogue

      • Teyzoo

        Thank you!

      • Teyzoo

        Unfortunately that link was only for the auction of the Hunger Games wardrobe. It doesn’t sell the boots or even say who the manufacturer is. :-(

  • sheila

    wonderful, Woody! and love the boots, gotta check out that catalogue!