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Vegan Celebs Dine in Style at 71st Annual Golden Globes

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This is simply speculation, but we’re pretty sure the ethical celebrity set breathed a collective sigh of relief when they learned the 71st Golden Globes menu lineup featured dishes made especially with them in mind.

Indeed, in tune with the Hollywood trend towards dining lighter, chefs at the helm of the evening’s eats were impressively aware of their vegan (and vegetarian) guests’ gustatory preferences.

“When we do a vegetarian dish, we try to make it gluten-free and vegan to take care of everything in one shot,” Beverly Hilton executive sous chef Chris O’Connell told “The Today Show.”

While we vegans don’t love being lumped in with the allergic circle—in a way reducing our deliberate diet to a palate preference or obligation, rather than a commitment made by choice—we’re certain nominees like Joaquin Phoenix and Jared Leto were all about their dairy-, egg- and flesh-free fare. And, unlike last year’s awards show, honey wasn’t a sticky situation demanding navigation by the strictest in attendance.

O’Connell continued, “The days of boiled vegetables and steamed spinach are over.” (Good riddance!) “We do a lot of fun stuff,” he assured. And just what was said fun stuff that enticed the likes of Jessica Chastain and Mayim Bialik last night?

“My banquet chef and I came up with a vegan moussaka,” O’Connell explained to “Today.” “we do [] grilled eggplant, we use coconut milk and thicken it with corn starch or soy almond milk, and layer it with various vegetables.” We can’t be sure what soy almond milk is, but as long as it isn’t dairy-derived, we’re good to go. (Corn starch raises a red flag these days, too, if for no other reason than the advent of GMOs.) But, the guys did good!

So, how many of our favorite stars were bypassing surf ‘n’ turf for cruelty-free cuisine? Said O’Connell, “We have a pretty good formula on the size of the group. In an event like the Golden Globes, say we seat 1300 people, we’ll probably do 150–160 vegan/vegetarian dishes.”

Now we’re just wondering—post-split from plant-based chef fiancé Matthew Mosshart—what did Kelly Osbourne order?

Regardless, even famous faces that haven’t yet evolved to vegan were served veg-heavy appetizers.

Outlined on “Today”’s site and introduced via video on E!’s site was the first course, comprising “grilled eggplant with sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts and hummus on seared tomato; a mini sweet pepper with feta cheese, pomegranate, herbs and California olive oil on grilled pita; and a grilled artichoke on multigrain tabbouleh and tahini.” Save for the goat cheese, this app was a win!

Overall, we’re enthusiastic about the shift towards ever more awareness surrounding plant-based diets and lifestyles. Hopefully next year even more Globe-goers will have ventured to join the compassionate club, as new members are always welcome.

Congrats to all the winners and nominees, most especially those with big-hearted habits!

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  • Really?? This was necessary? “While we vegans don’t love being lumped in with the allergic circle—in a way reducing our deliberate diet to a palate preference or obligation, rather than a commitment made by choice”


  • Not allergic by choice

    Thank you, greenergirl – that was my FIRST thought too.

  • uworoju

    I think hat remark about Kelly Osbourne was a tad sexist. Woman can choose themselves what they eat whether their partner is vegan or not.

    • Renee

      Oh, come on. Wives are influenced by husbands and husbands are influenced by wives, justasfriends and family influence each other, regardless of their sex. There’s nothing sexist about noting that. Please don’t devalue the term if you’re really concerned about it.

      • uworoju

        Nope, I’m not devaluating anything, I’m bloody serious about it. She’s assumed to have lost a lot of weight because of her ex’s cooking and now that they split up, I know people will start wondering if she will keep that up. Something that would not be questioned like that if she were a guy, because there’s still a double standard.

  • KTG

    Interesting. Though by the by – Feta is usually made from sheep milk 🙂

    • yidaki_mark

      there is vegan feta.

  • Moondancer

    Almond milk isn’t soy-based.

    • yidaki_mark

      No, almond milk is milk made from almonds.

  • Lucy

    Being a Vegetarian for 30 + years and going Vegan the last 3—I can say that dining out can be the hardest part–and NO it is NOT the same as having allergies BUT it is our diet and way of life—There should be something for EVERY ONE regardless of health, dietary or what ever your “reasons’ just as a restaurant or diner will try to accommodate any one–

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